Binary Options Trading and NADEX

You might be locked in with all the other firms, a lot more like a sports bet where you bet your funds as well as you’re locked in win or lose! That is difficult to swallow and not the way of a trader.

. You can trade in and out at anytime.


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We hear or have observed a number of distinct binary options firms pop up on the web lately.

On NADEX you have a bunch of distinct strikes at different levels of threat and distinct levels at getting in the funds, at the funds, or out in the money and it expire when the exchange closes for that specific product. This way you’ve got the time to see a correct trade or setup create and you do not want to beat the clock for an hour. It is an exchange like any other exchange here inside the U.S. Absolutely nothing is hidden or over the counter and which is NADEX- North American Derivatives Exchange. Should you wish to make 200% you are able to in the event you want 400% you can, and the much more you want to make the less danger you truly have to take?

Once you acquire or short an alternative and it moves in your direction, the binary option value will move using the market extended or short and you are able to take profits accordingly. There is a single binary options firm, which can be truly a binary options/spread trading exchange here inside the United States that is a correct regulated exchange for binary options. Also you have the alternative to trade in and out of the binary, it isn’t necessary to hold till expiration to become lucrative on the binary option at NADEX. That’s sounds great but there are a lot of catches with that.

First, it seems 70-80% is the highest you are able to make where as on NADEX you select the risk and reward. The other firms promise you to create up to 70-80% on a trade. NADEX is really a true trader’s binary option firm. and follows exactly the same strict and transparent regulations. So you’re in no way locked in, you are able to set cease losses inside your head of exactly where to get out so in the event you threat cash you are not risking the full expiration price, you’ll be able to truly place money and threat controls in effect with NADEX and you can’t using the other firms. Most are overseas, in Europe or other nations and some are regulated in Europe or regulated in different countries by their very own mechanism

Online Poker Boycott Threatened Over Adelson Remarks

Adelson’s casinos.” The fact that every action by every player online is tracked in real time he calls “a regulator’s dream.”

Internet gambling is already here, says Owens: 32 states already sanction it for horse betting. Its conclusion: “The overwhelming majority of online gamers play in a very moderate manner, spending minimal amounts on gaming.”

In the U.S., he predicts, the spread of online gaming will cost “400,000 lost jobs in casino-hosting cities across America”–200,000 jobs directly related to the gaming industry plus another 200,000 indirectly related.

His views, expressed in an op-ed for Forbes, have not endeared him to fans of online poker, thousands of who now are trying to organize a boycott of the sumptuous poker room (59 tables, 14,000-sq. Unusual for its size and scope, the exercise collected data on some 40,000 individuals. Of that total, the U.S. accounts for a little less than half–or about $6 billion.. Online gambling worldwide is a $30 billion phenomenon; online poker alone accounts for $15 billion worldwide. All of the perceived evils have been addressed through appropriate oversight–greater oversight and regulation than what’s available in a brick-and-mortar setting. On the other hand, when a person makes an effort to get dressed, join some friends and head to the local casino for a night of entertainment, they must show themselves as adults, and their behavior can be observed and ultimately managed by security and other staff if needed.”

Online gambling isn’t just bad, it’s dangerous and immoral: So argues Sheldon Adelson, CEO of the biggest gaming company in the world.

“As an industry leader, and more importantly as a father, grandfather, citizen and patriot of this great country,” writes Adelson in his op-ed, “I am adamantly opposed to the legalization and proliferation of online gaming.”

“You would think,” he writes, “[that] the chairman of the world’s largest gaming company would pursue any aspect of gaming which could increase profits, right? Ordinarily that is true–but online gambling is ‘fool’s gold.’”

His own business, he says, would not suffer, since the Sands gets “almost all” its casino profits from Asia. “The reality is that licensed and regulated internet poker is taking place worldwide and right here in America and right here in his [Adelson's] back yard of Nevada. Says Owens of online gambling: “It’s not the looming menace it’s made out to be.”

Martin D. ft.) of Adelson’s The Venetian casino and resort.

“Click your mouse and lose your house,” warns Adelson, Chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Owens says the study found that people at risk of becoming addicted to gambling make up less than 2 percent of the population–a figure confirmed, he says, by a separate State of California study. Alluding to “recent research from a number of European countries,” without identifying that research further, he says that countries in Europe that have legalized online gambling have seen a 20 percent decrease in visitation to land-based casinos.

Ever since 2005, he says, the Harvard Medical School has been conducting an ongoing study of problem gamblers and the Internet. Rather, the blow would fall on domestic casinos, including those run by Native Americans.

John Pappas, president of the 1-million-member-plus Poker Players Alliance calls Adelson’s worries baseless.

It’s fool’s gold, he claims, because its profits have come only at the expense of brick-and-mortar casinos, with a corresponding loss of jobs. Owens, a California attorney specializing in the law of Internet and interactive gaming (and co-author of “Internet Gaming Law” with Professor Nelson Rose of Whittier Law School) calls Adelson’s worries and objections preposterous.

He wags a warning finger at legislation now pending in California and Pennsylvania that would make online gambling legal in those populous states. Online gaming’s potential pernicious effects on children, teenagers and adults with gambling problems constitute, in his view, “a societal train wreck waiting to happen.”

“Mr. If the young aren’t streaming into brick and mortar casinos, Owens is not surprised: “Nobody drives an Oldsmobile anymore, either.”

“I think he’s missed the mark by a wide margin,” says Pappas. Gambling online is already legal in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

As for why the Internet gaming boom has been accompanied in Europe by a decrease in casino attendance, Owens sees nothing more pernicious at work than a change in gamblers’ demographics: Young people now do everything online, including gamble. Adelson,” he says, “is staging a very belated and unimaginative rear-guard action.”

For example, “The possibility of underage children finding ways to place online wagers and the possibility of people betting under the influence of drugs or being coerced are all scenarios that can happen when the person is only monitored by their own computer screen. Age-verification? Protecting problem gamblers? Those can be addressed on the Internet even better than in one of Mr

Great Gifts – Artist – Erte – The Father of Art Deco

And the favorite fashion and artwork were attributable to the Art Deco style. Even in exercise, Erté was an innovator – 20 minutes a day – and what a great way to break it up – 15 minutes in the morning before breakfast and 5 minutes in the evening.

Art Deco was primarily a design style attributable to architecture, fashion and print. Influenced by Indian miniatures, his designs, illustrations, and drawings are sophisticated and highly stylized.”

Some have related the Art Deco style of art as the follow-up style to the Art Nouveau movement. In the United States he worked for Flo Ziegfeld and designed costumes for the film Ben Hur (1959). His discipline both in art and in exercise (twenty minutes a day like clockwork) combined with his passion for beauty perhaps explains his longevity. It is considered by many architects to be the finest example of architecture in New York City.  Interestingly, Walter Chrysler financed the building himself rather than the car manufacturer, he wanted his children to inherit that building.

Father of Art Deco – Style Echoed Roaring Twenties. Art Deco is more streamlined.

Erté lived to be 97 years old and continued to work well into his final years. Between 1914 and the 1930s he created many magazine covers for Harper’s Bazaar. The Chrysler building in New York, designed by William Van Alen and complted in 1930 is commonly given as an example of Art Deco style in architecture. The automobile, the radio ushered in exuberance.

One of the many great things about this master artist is his body work includes lithographs in quantities of 300 or more. Art Nouveau peaked around 1905 and the roaring twenties roared until the stock market crash in the United States in October 1929.

Two artists who are best known for this era – Erte the Father of Art Deco and Rene Lalique a jeweler and glassmaker. Art Deco became very popular in the 1920s and 1930s in both the United States and Europe.

The 1920′s is a time often referred to as the “roaring twenties”, a time of jubilee denoted by jazz music, flapper dresses and new technology. This volume allows a lower price tag and thus affords more prints and thus more owner the world over.

Erte’s work is housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York as well as at the Smithsonian.

The Art Deco movement permeated all of the United States in everything from fashion, furniture, to jewelry, and even textiles and architecture.

Erté himself defined Art Deco “as a fusion of the curvilinear designs of Art Nouveau of the 19th Century with the Cubist, Constructivist, and geometrical designs of modernity.”

Romaine de Tirtoff born November 23rd, 1892- April 21st, 1990, best known as simply Erté.

Erte’s Longevity and Daily Discipline for Exercise

Art Deco Style of Art

Suites of Paintings – Lithographs and Affordable Fine Art

“He moved to France at age nineteen and worked for a time sketching for Paul Poiret and designing opera and theater costumes

Have a sports bet and bingo! You’re set up for the day.

Nothing following the conjunction “but” could possibly have persuaded me to sign up.

Put simply, life is too short for online bingo. I’ve come to the conclusion that much of sports betting’s appeal lies in the fact that there’s always somebody else to blame.

MOST of the emails I receive are deleted immediately. And anything with the words “increase your girth” in the subject line is instantly binned.

But sports bets – particularly on team sports – provide a much-needed emotional safety net for the punter. Even if you believe in an everlasting cycle of reincarnation with your soul leaping from man to fox to elephant to dung-beetle and so on for all eternity, life would still be too short for online bingo.


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Yet a day without a sports bet of some description is, to my mind, a day wasted.

Copyright 2010 Gale, Cengage Learning. You can’t start yelling at an apprentice jockey or an incompetent assistant referee and there are no slow-motion replays analysing the bloke in the newsagents’ role in the debacle.

In the broad church of gambling, I’m something of a fundamentalist. Whereas if you’re losing at online bingo, I’m afraid there’s nobody to blame but yourself.

A losing lottery ticket is just a losing lottery ticket. All rights reserved.

So an email from a reputable bookmaker last week that read “We know bingo’s not your thing, but … The National Lottery, the stock market and village fete raffles are all treated with puritanical disdain. Directing all the pain and rage of a losing bet towards, for example, Liverpool’s slapstick slaphead Pepe Reina can provide genuine catharsis. ” was destined for a swift demise. I’m even wary of everyday gambles such as eating an out-of-date yoghurt or acquiring a mail-order bride.

. Card games, casinos and fruit machines hold no allure for me. Offers of “miraculous herbal remedies” for quite serious diseases are given short shrift.

The same goes for messages from iTunes plugging Dizzee Rascal’s latest collaboration with Katy Perry, George Osborne or Melvyn Bragg Online Gambling Site to be the Primary Sponsor of the World Snooker Open – National Billiards

We’ll all be trying to win it and play our best snooker.”

The one-year deal will see the tournament, which runs from September 18 to 26 at the SECC in Glasgow, named the World Open.

Press Release from World Snooker - September 13th, 2010

Rory Anderson, CEO for Europe at 12bet, said: “We are delighted to add the World Open to our fast growing sponsorship portfolio.

“With over 50 hours coverage on BBC and a combined global audience reaching over 100 million, the tournament will give vast exposure to’s brand so it’s easy to see their motivation behind getting involved with snooker. We hope they enjoy what should be a great tournament and look forward to building a strong relationship with them.”

World Snooker is delighted to announce online betting firm as the new title sponsor of the World Open.

World Snooker Chairman Barry Hearn said: “This is a fantastic piece of news for our sport at just the right time. We are glad to be on board and are excited about the new best of five format.”

Tickets are still on sale, for details call 0844 395 4000 or visit This event will give our brand fantastic exposure not only in the UK but throughout Europe. I am sure the World Open will be a great tournament. It carries a total prize fund of £502,500 with the winner to receive £100,000.

The nine-day tournament will feature quick-fire best-of-five frame matches and a random draw for each round.

Masters champion Selby added: “It’s always exciting to have a new sponsor and it seems a long time now since we had a ranking event without one. All the players are looking forward to it, myself included. The new World Open, with a new format, new venue, and new arena, is one of the cornerstones of the new era so we’re thrilled to have a title sponsor on board.

The world ranking event will feature star players including Ronnie O’Sullivan, Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis, Jimmy White, Mark Selby and World Champion Neil Robertson. We’ve made giant strides forward in the commercial success of snooker in recent months and this keeps the momentum going


Harrods Casino ( was the first major retail brand in the world to launch an Internet casino. This has translated into a ground breaking agreement with, now the largest UK portal with an estimated 11 million users per month in creating Britain’s biggest online gaming site. The joint venture is based on a three year fixed term basis with a rolling twelve month contract thereafter. This press release is transmitted on behalf of Gaming Internet Plc.

Gaming Internet Plc (“Gaming Internet” or “the Company”), the digital media rights and interactive gambling products business, today announces that its joint venture partner Harrods Online Limited has signed a two year marketing agreement with, the British arm of Microsoft Corporation’s market leading internet service provider, for an online casino.

COPYRIGHT 2001 PR Newswire Association LLC

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

The Harrods Casino will be the first online casino and gaming product on MSN’s UK portal and will be available to MSN’s website users ( with effect from mid June 2001.

Copyright 2001 Gale, Cengage Learning. Costs and profits associated with Harrods Casino are equally shared by the joint venture partners.. All rights reserved.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Harrods online casino will benefit from a fixed link on the home page, banner advertising throughout the site and also an exclusive promotional page.

The Harrods Casino business (“Harrods Casino”), the 50/50 joint venture between Gaming Internet and Sporting Resorts SA, a subsidiary of Harrods Online Limited, commenced trading on 29th November 2000. We look forward to working with Harrods and MSN in broadening the reach of a high quality gaming experience over the coming months.”

PR Newswire, London, June 8. David Sanderson, Chief Executive of Gaming Internet Plc, commented: “The strategy of focussing on established quality brands for our online casino business is key to the success of gambling in a secure and reliable environment

Casino lawsuit claims gambler won $9.6M in baccarat card-cheating scheme

Gemaco did not respond to a request for comment.

Ivey has won nine World Series of Poker bracelets. The numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9 are considered good cards. In that case, Ivey has denied any misconduct.

The lawsuit claims that Ivey and his companion instructed a dealer to flip cards in particular ways, depending on whether it was a desirable card in baccarat. It alleges Ivey and an accomplice amassed almost $12 million by cheating at baccarat. Its senior vice president, Joe Lupo, declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The Borgata Hotel Casino Spa filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against Phillip Ivey Jr., considered one of the best poker players in the world.

The lawsuit alleges Ivey and an associate exploited a defect in cards made by a Kansas City manufacturer that enabled them to sort and arrange good cards in baccarat.

The lawsuit claims Ivey wanted the cards shuffled by an automatic shuffling machine, which would not alter the way each card was aligned.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J –  An Atlantic City casino is suing a big-time gambler, claiming he won $9.6 million in a card-cheating scheme in baccarat.

The company is also fighting a lawsuit from another Atlantic City casino, the Golden Nugget, claiming the firm provided unshuffled cards that led to gamblers beating the casino for $1.5 million. He compares himself on his website to Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Muhammad Ali.

Ivey’s lawyer declined to comment on Friday.

A lawsuit filed in Britain’s High Court by the Malaysia-based Genting Group, a major casino operator, makes a similar claim against Ivey. Bad cards would be flipped in different directions, so that after several hands of cards, the good ones were arranged in a certain manner — with the irregular side of the card facing in a specific direction — that Ivey could spot when they came out of the dealer chute.

The lawsuit claims the cards, manufactured by Gemaco Inc., were defective in that the pattern on the back of them was not uniform. The technique gave him an unfair advantage on four occasions between April and October 2012, the casino asserted in its lawsuit.. The cards have rows of small white circles designed to look like the tops of cut diamonds, but the Borgata claims some of them were only a half diamond or a quarter of one.

CasinoCheating Lawsuit660.jpg

In this July 15, 2009 file photo, Phil Ivey looks up during the World Series of Poker at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. (AP)

The casino claims the technique, called edge sorting, violates New Jersey casino gambling regulations

Unibet Group plc: AsianLogic Selects Kambi Sports Solutions for Pool Betting

The record EUR 14,000 win on Superscore came from a EUR 0.10 bet at odds of 140,000 – 1.

Kambi continues to strengthen its position as the leading B2B supplier of fully hosted online sports betting solutions to the gaming industry. AsianLogic has a particular focus on the Asia Pacific markets and maintain an online gambling licence in the Philippines through CEZA.

Supertoto and Superscore are Kambi’s Pool Betting products, where customers of online bookmakers such as Unibet, Paf, Expekt, Nordicbet and Interwetten create joint pools in order to maximise liquidity. Kambi was established as a separate subsidiary of Unibet in the beginning of 2011. Supertoto14 pays out on 11 or more correctly predicted matches.

About AsianLogic

Superscore consists of 2-4 matches where the objective is to predict the correct scores in the selected matches. The Group maintains an online gambling licence in the Philippines (through CEZA) and works in compliance with PAGCOR regulations in its operations in thePhilippines land-based Sports Betting market.

“Providing our Pool Betting products to AsianLogic is an important and exciting milestone in Kambi´s history. By introducing Kambi’s Pool Betting to our existing fixed odds offering, we will be able to provide our customers with a complete Sports Betting experience by giving our customers a chance to win big on small stakes”, says Dimitris Karatzas, Online Gaming Director at AsianLogic-controlled Dafabet.

Kambi Sports Solutions has signed a two year agreement to deliver its Pool Betting products, Supertoto and Superscore, to the AsianLogic Group. Today, Unibet has more than 5.5 million customers in over 100 countries. Unibet is a member of the EGBA, European Gaming and Betting Association, RGA, Remote Gambling Association in the UK and is audited and certified by eCOGRA in relation to responsible and fair gaming.

AsianLogic is an active participant in the online and land-based gambling industry with a particular focus on the Asia Pacific markets. As a continued measure to support the process of preparing Kambi in becoming a fully independent company, an advisory team with extensive experience from the gaming/lottery and related businesses has been established to provide strategic direction. With AsianLogic joining the pool through Kambi, the network can now expand beyond Europe and into the prosperous Asian market.

Supertoto consists of a number of weekly coupons where the challenge is to predict the correct outcomes in the selected matches. We are confident that AsianLogic will benefit from adding our Pool Betting products, not just by completing the Sports Betting experience for their customers, but also because the arrangement will provide AsianLogic with a risk-free income stream”, comments Kristian Nylén, CEO, Kambi Sports Solutions.


This information was brought to you by Cision

“Sports Betting is a key area for AsianLogic. The Group was established in 2002 by a number of investment and gambling professionals who recognised the potential of online and interactive gambling in the Asia Pacific Region, and now employs over 400 people in the Region. With AsianLogic, the Kambi network expands into the Asian market, giving players the benefit of the combined liquidity of two of the most attractive gaming markets – Asia and Europe. The goal for Kambi is to be an independent and preferred partner to larger private operators and to the state lotteries around the world.

About Unibet

More information about Unibet Group plc can be found on

More information about AsianLogic Limited can be found on

Unibet was founded in 1997 and is an online gambling company listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm. Unibet is one of the largest privately-owned gambling operators in the European market and provides services in 27 languages through, and These bets offer consistently high potential payouts – a single winner won more than EUR 230,000 on 2 October 2010. The main weekend coupon, Supertoto14, consists of 14 matches from the top European football leagues. AsianLogic is involved in the development, operation, management and/or marketing of online casinos, online poker, multiplayer P2P and Asian Games, online and land-based Sports Betting, including live videostream casino gaming across the Region

Page 11: 2015 NCAA tourney betting guide

However, we do have a Tier 2 match on Oklahoma State. This addition leads to a 12-2 ATS record with +9.45 units won and a 67.5 percent ROI.

Best and worst coaches to bet on

The table below summarizes the results of our analysis.. To eliminate these teams, we focused solely on teams that won their previous game. Unfortunately, this system would also include teams that were an underdog during their last conference tournament game. Below is a list of the best and worst coaches to bet on in the NCAA tourney this year and their corresponding ATS tourney records.

Perhaps bettors consider all tournament participants to be upper-echelon teams and are content taking the points regardless of opponent. During the regular season, a majority of public bettors take the underdog in just 17.65 percent of games; that figure reaches 23.82 percent for the NCAA tournament. Sure, the Super Bowl may take a larger handle than any individual game, but the cumulative number of bets taken during March Madness dwarfs even the mighty beast known as the NFL playoffs.

Bettors can also use the public betting trends available on ESPN Chalk’s Live Odds page to track favorites receiving less than 50 percent of spread bets.

Least profitable tournament coaches since 2005

Our theory posits that when an underdog pulls off an unlikely upset, square bettors have difficulty accepting the team’s new role as a favorite. If bettors are willing to take a 12-seed over a 5-seed straight up, it makes sense that they would also be willing to bet the 12-seed getting points.

Using Sport Insights’ Bet Labs software, we found that tournament favorites that receive less than 50 percent of spread bets have gone 86-65 ATS (+16.24 units won, 10.8 percent ROI) over the past 10 years. While bettors overwhelmingly tend to take the favorite during the regular season, the NCAA tournament is a rare time when the public jumps all over the underdog.

One reason for this phenomenon may be that bettors are used to taking upsets in their brackets, making them more likely to gravitate toward the underdog. When this team was also an underdog in its previous game, the number of past matches is reduced dramatically, but we’re left with a 27-11 ATS record (+14.5 units, 38.2 percent ROI).

More money hits the market during the NCAA tournament than any other time in the sports betting calendar. While managing egos seems to be the largest challenge for NBA coaches, imparting fundamentals and turning five talented individuals into one cohesive unit are just two of the struggles facing college coaches. At the time of publication, OSU was receiving just 24 percent of spread bets.

Coaching is a huge part of any sport, but particularly in college basketball. With public support shifting, we theorized that there would be value fading these so-called “trendy underdogs.”

With so few past system picks on the third tier of this system, it’s no surprise that there are no current game matches for the opening-round games. Whatever the reason, our historical archive reveals a distinct change in public betting behavior.

Most profitable tournament coaches since 2005

In last week’s conference tournament betting guide, we detailed a system that focuses on large underdogs in low-scoring games, and explained how public betting patterns change during the postseason. The Cowboys lost their previous game against Oklahoma and opened as a 1-point favorite against Oregon

DOHERTY WAITING ON DRAW. – Free Online Library

The 1997 Crucible King was drawn to play either two-time Masters champ Selby or Dartford cueman Hawkins in the first round of this year’s pounds 502,500 tournament on Wednesday afternoon.

Copyright 2010 Gale, Cengage Learning. com World Open in Glasgow.

Fellow Dubliner Fergal O’Brien has been handed a difficult first round contest against former world champion Peter Ebdon.

“I’ve just got to concentrate on how I play and make sure I start well, if I don’t then it’s going to be really hard.

OPPONENT Mark Selby may be next in line for Ken Doherty OPTIMISTIC Dubliner Ken Doherty enjoys new format

New World Snooker chairman Barry Hearn has changed the format to freshen up the event and give spectators the chance just to watch one table of action.


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.


And Doherty is backing the idea as snooker continues to try and reinvent itself, especially with recent alleged match-fixing allegations having cast an unwanted cloud over the sport.

“I’m looking forward to it, it should be a good match, you always looking forward to playing Peter,” said O’Brien.

But the Dubliner doesn’t mind who he plays in this week’s shortened best-offrame matches at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference.

“It’s not going to be easy for either player, but if you can get a good run here who knows what happen? Anyone can win this tournament.”

“I don’t mind whether it’s Mark or Barry, I don’t it really matters in a best-of-five frame match, it’s such a short sprint,” revealed Doherty.

Meanwhile, Kilkenny youngster David Morris will lock horns with world champion Neil Robertson on his TV debut.. All rights reserved.

Ebdon beat fellow golden oldie Steve Davis 3-1 to keep his title hopes alive, but former British Open winner O’Brien is not phased about the challenge which lies ahead tomorrow evening.


FORMER world champion Ken Doherty is relishing a showdown with Mark Selby or Barry Hawkins at the new 12BET