W88 warhead program performs successful tests

An abnormal environment is one that is unexpected, such as an accident.

Sandia National Laboratories performed a drop test for the W88 ALT 370 program, designed to replicate a crane accidentally dropping the re-entry body onto a concrete surface. CRAFT demonstrated how the radar performed during re-entry through plasma generated by the hypersonic speeds at which the warhead travels.

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Sandia will use vibration and shock measurements from the test to update specifications for components in the weapon, he said. The test was conducted at Sandia’s 185-foot Drop Tower Facility, using the same handling gear a crane would use to move the weapon.

The first flight and drop tests for the latest variant of the W88 nuclear warhead are providing data for Sandia National Laboratories to validate designs, improve computer modeling and update component specifications.

The June CRAFT test was the first of several planned flight tests to demonstrate the upgraded system’s performance. Using an unarmed re-entry body, Sandia conducted the test in partnership with LANL, KCP and Pantex at Sandia’s 185-foot Drop Tower Facility, using the same handling gear a crane would use to move the weapon, making the test as realistic as possible.

. It also represented a milestone: the first flight test unit Sandia and its partners, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), the Kansas City Plant (KCP) and Pantex, delivered to the Navy for full-scale testing under the program.

“The weapon is not required to function after that, just to stay safe,” Edwards said.

The two successful tests, which were conducted this summer, provide data for the program, the W88 ALT 370 (alteration), to move forward, said Tim Edwards, manager for the program’s technical basis and qualification activities.

The new radar functioned as expected after launch on a Trident II missile from a Navy submarine, Edwards said. Sandia and its partners are analyzing results to validate requirements and radar design.

The Critical Radar Arming and Fuzing Test (CRAFT) was the first flight test of a prototype radar for the W88 ALT 370. It was the W88 program’s first abnormal drop test since the system’s original qualification test in 1987. It also will use the information to validate computer models designed to apply the results to other drop scenarios, since it’s not possible to replicate every possible accident in tests.

A month later, the first drop test of the W88 ALT 370 program mimicked a crane accidentally dropping the re-entry body onto a concrete surface to develop evidence that it would remain safe during an accident

Stanford Program Helps Vietnamese RN Realize His Eldercare Calling | Andrew Lam

“I go to San Francisco, San Jose and San Leandro and bring homeless people socks and pain-relievers,” he said. Periyakoil, MD, director of the program, Mai’s project for training course “addresses the issue of how Vietnamese adults are unaware of the existence of advance health care directives. She observed, though, “While we have many participants from the Chinese and Asian Indian communities, not many Vietnamese have applied for the successful aging training.”

For his part, Mai is currently pursuing a doctorate in nursing: “I am doing research to look at hospital policies and how to implement change to help patients, especially within the Asian community.”

According to Peryiakoil, “The boom in U.S.

Mai first had a difficult time making inroads, however. Once he started the project, many, many seniors expressed interest and completed advance directives with our help. I wish more Vietnamese Americans will complete the Stanford Successful Aging min-fellowship as they will then be able to help their community.”

“Backpack Nursing”

An active member of his church, Mai devotes even his extra-curricular activities to health-related projects. It took a while for people to catch on. It is important for all ethnic communities to work to promote successful aging for their seniors.”

Andrew Lam, author of “Perfume Dreams: Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora” and “Birds of Paradise Lost,” wrote this article supported by a New America Media fellowship in collaboration with the Stanford In-reach for Successful Aging through Education Program.

An immigrant from Vietnam, who came to the United States at the age of nine, Mai grew up in a tough neighborhood where he saw many gang activities and people suffering without health care. That they can request for more morphine, for instance.

Stanford University, Periyakoil said, is offering this free mini-fellowship in palliative care for all members of the community. “It’s my calling,” he emphasized. “They don’t know that there are such things that can be asked [when you are hospitalized].

According to V.J. His participation turned out to have a big effect on the Vietnamese community in San Jose.

Periyakoil agreed: “Doctors just talk to patients and don’t usually consult with their families. “I’m a devout Catholic and my ultimate goal being a nurse is to save as many lives as possible and to make as much improvement and changes for as many people as possible, especially immigrant Americans.”

Vietnamese Make Family-Based Decisions

In 2012, Mai attended a Palliative Care Education and Training program for improving end-of-life care, held at Stanford University School of Medicine. He invited two other nurses to his workshops to share their experiences working with seniors and the importance of the health care directive. Some choose a homeless lifestyle, others lost their livelihood because of their gambling or alcohol addiction.” But the saddest part, Mai said, is to see “a whole family falling into homelessness.”

Mai, who works at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and is a certified translator at the county hospital, originally intended his advance-directive project to help 10 people, but it ended up going beyond that number. Mai’s project focused on helping Vietnamese American seniors to complete advance directives. seniors is often described as the ‘silver tsunami.’ In fact, it is a ‘silver-brown tsunami’ as the population of ethnic older adults is exploding.

No one has ever heard of the term “Ke hoach suc khoe cho tuong lai,” which is a translation of advance health care directive, Mai recalled. Mai practices what he called “backpack nursing.” On his free time, he carries a big backpack full of unexpected goodies. .

“I’ve helped countless numbers of people and patients on filling out their advanced directives so I don’t have a specific number,” he said. The ‘Silver-Brown Tsunami’

“Mr. Although he talked to many from all walks of life — “from church leaders to gangsters to lawyers, nobody had an idea what I was talking about.” So Mai made a poster in both English and Vietnamese and talked about the importance of filling out advance directives at his church, as well at various Vietnamese centers.

“When Chi Mai applied, I was happy to see that finally a member of the Vietnamese American community was interested in helping seniors with aging well,” she said. They didn’t know that they can assign — verbally — that ‘this person will make decision for me,’ in case they are not conscious.”

At only age 28, Chi Mai, is a dedicated registered nurse, but it’s not just his profession. “I found nursing to be more of my temperament,” he said. “However, within the Vietnamese population, I’d say it was about 20 families, which seems like a very small number but think about how withdrawn our people are.”


Chi Mai.

Are there homeless Vietnamese? “Yes, quite a few,” he answered. Those are documents that aid older adults in planning ahead for their towards-the-end-of-life care and guarantees that their standards of care will be met by hospitals and medical facilities.”

In particular, through a special program at Stanford University, Mai focused on helping Vietnamese seniors and family members to create advance directives for health care — documents enabling people to state how they wish to be treated at the end of life, if they become too ill to speak for themselves, and who should make their medical decisions.

Mai originally wanted to be pharmacist and was accepted to Boston University, but he changed his mind. But Vietnamese often are family oriented, and they are family-based when comes to making decision.”

Many Vietnamese patients are withdrawn, he said. “It’s sad.

Although Mai is making inroads, she noted, the needs are there and the education regarding end-of-life care and decisions are tremendous

Ask Questions, Get Answers, Find Information

I swear there is little difference between what he says and Sara Palin.

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In the US we have The National Guard. :)thx

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Why do governments keep doing what clearly isn’t working?

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Mister Bromide: Non-Millenial Nothing

Is Hillary hiding her email because she’s the one sending out all the spam?

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Dabendan yangui zi

Why do governments keep doing what clearly isn’t working?

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Dabendan yangui zi

Dr. I swear there is little difference between what he says and Sara Palin.

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Friendly Stranger

Do you cry over spilt milk?

Friendly Stranger answered the question

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Dabendan yangui zi

Who do you trust more – your husband or your lover?

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Do you cry over spilt milk?

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Why do governments keep doing what clearly isn’t working?

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Ladies: Would you dump a man if he cried over a football game? Men: Would you dump a female if she cried over a broken fingernail?

workalot answered the question

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How do you answer a question for an interview such as: Where do you expect to be in two years? Five? Its for a work from home job. Phil is interviewing the Grand Imperial Wizard of the KKK. They’re called out in emergencies

Winter Solstice ~ What it means, its origins and how it is celebrated around the world

Requiems for the dead were performed during the night, as they awaited the sunrise.

Machu Picchu sunrise, Wikipedia public domain

Fires burned brightly during Winter Solstice in ancient times.

In Finland, the Saami, which are the indigenous peoples of much of Scandinavia,worship a sun goddes of fertility and sanity. This originated as Lussi Night and was usually occurred on December 13, which was believed to have been the longest night of the year.The Roman Catholic church appropriated this feast and called it Santa Lucia or St. Other similar formations are scattered throughout Ireland.

Creative Commons: Fredrik Magnusson

Karachun, Korochun or KraÃ,,Ã,un was a Slavic holiday as a day when the Black God and other evil spirits are most powerful.

The earliest recorded Australian midwinter bonfire was lit in  Moonta,  the night leading into  June 24, 1862 by  immigrants carrying on the European Midsummer  tradition. Missionaries finally convinced many in Europe to abandon this practice around the 13th century in Europe.


A large and important public festival in Rome, it involved the conventional sacrifices, a couch set in front of the temple of Saturn and the untying of the ropes that bound the statue of Saturn during the rest of the year.

Use of evergreens, large ongoing fires, feasting and gathering with friends and family, dancing and making merry are hallmarks of the winter solstice celebrations since ancient times, and even since the beginning of civilization.

Wikipedia public domain

Solar celebrations in the Southern Hemisphere often occur on December 24.

. The Slavs celebrate it on the longest night (shortest day) of the year – Winter Solstice. Families made a fire and invited their personal household Gods to join the festival. Wikipedia commons, free license. Originally Celebrated by the Ancient Greeks as Kronia the festival of Chronos, Saturnalia was the feast at which the Romans commemorated the dedication of the temple of Saturn, which originally took place on 17 December, but expanded to a whole week, up to the 23 of December.

Winter solstice festivals in the Northern Hemisphere have gone on since ancient times, focusing on lights, feasts, town and community gatherings, and many celebrations that are the origins of some of the practices associated during the Christmas holidays.

Sun rising at Stonehenge in southern England during Summer Solstice. The Spanish Conquistadores never found Machu Picchu, and so Machu Picchu remains the only extant example of this early Incan practice of using the large stone column, the Intihuatana, to tie the post to the sun, to prevent the sun from escaping.


In Slavonic culture, the festival of Kaleda began at Winter Solstice and lasted for 10 days. The midwinter bonfire holiday also began in Burra soon after.

The Incans in Peru celebrated the return of the sun in their practice, tying of the sun. On this night, Hors, which symbolizes the old sun, becomes smaller as the days become shorter in the Northern Hemisphere.

Nobody was assured of surviving the cold, bleak winter months with minimal shelter and little food. Balls of sticky rice, which symbolize reunion, are eaten during this time.

Of course, one of the most beautiful festivals is that of Santa Lucia, St. The axis at New Grange were set for the Winter Solstice.

In Hawaii, the night of Hoku was a celebration on the full moon closest to the winter solstice.

In Sweden, and also in many other parts of Europe, tribes that were polytheistic in origin often celebrated a Midvinterblot or mid-winter sacrifice, that often featured both animal and human sacrifice, not unlike the sacrifices of the Incas of the lamb or the virgin by the Priests at Machu Picchu.


Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu emerging from a cave.

In the Northern Hemisphere, that means the shortest day of the year.  In the Southern Hemisphere, that day is longer on that day than on any other day of the year. The longer daylight hours are believed to restore energy. Gambling was allowed for all, even slaves during this period.

This year, Winter Solstice falls on December 21nd.

The toga was not worn, but rather the synthesis, i.e. In Russia, this festival was later applied to Christmas Eve but most practices were lost during Communism. The celebrations included a school holiday, the making and giving of small presents (saturnalia et sigillaricia) and a special market (sigillaria). In 1967 a thin light showing through a passageway for 17 minutes was first observed during sunset at Winter Solstice. The winter months were also known as the famine months in ancient times. The midwinter celebration was known as the last celebration of a feast, before deep winter began.

In China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, the festival that marks the extreme of winter is one of the most important festivals; this festival dates back to the Yin and Yang philosophy of balance, noting, of course, the shortest day and longest night during the year, during which time the heavens become more in balance. Lucy’s Day, and was believed in the Swedish folklore that if Swedish children did not carry out their chores that a female demon would punish them.

In Pakistan, a demigod returns on this night to collect prayers; men and boys, women and children undergo purification baths, after which a great festival follows.

In Ireland, winter begins on All Hallows, November 1, also known as Samhain, with winter ending and the beginning of Spring celebrating on Imbolc or Candlemas on February 1 or 2.

Cattle were slaughtered so they would not have to be fed during winter months; this made for a fresh supply of meat to become available, and one that would have to last until Spring. “Jewish Yule”) for Chanukkah.

The sacrifice was to appease the Gods, to convince them to let go of Winter’s cold, cruel grip. Saturnalia became one of the most popular Roman festivals, which led to more tomfoolery, marked chiefly by having masters and slaves ostensibly switch places, temporarily reversing the social order.

Sun Celebration,

Currently, Yulefest is observed by various Australians, often starting on a weekend in late  June.

Yule or Yuletide is also a celebrated secular alternative to “Christmas”, commonly occurring on the winter solstice or December 24th and 25th, in the northern hemisphere. colorful, informal “dinner clothes”; and a certain ‘freedman’s hat’ was worn by everyone. Lucy’s day in Sweden. In the southern hemisphere it is often celebrated on the winter solstice or some time through early July.

Archeologists and paleontologists believe that solstice festivals may have gone on since neolithic times, since physical remains have been found during Neolithic and Bronze Age archeological sites such as Stonehenge and New Grange.


The contemporary Scandinavian Jul, Julfest, Jol or Joulu is primarily a cultural observance and does not distinguish between the Germanic feast, the Christian Christmas, the secular Yule, the Neopagan Yule, or the pre-indo European winter solstice celebration and is also occasionally used to denote other holidays in December, e.g., “jodisk jul” or “judisk jul” (tr. Winter Solstice is commonly referred to globally as December Solstice.


The winter solstice may have been immensely important because communities were not assured to live through the winter, and had to be prepared during the previous nine months.

In Japan, dating from the 7th century, the Sun Goddess Amaterasu (or Amateras, Hindu) re-emerged from her cave, to bring sunlight back to the world. Children disguised themselves as Koledari, and visited house and sang songs of good luck. Stonehenge was used a s a calendar during ancient times. She travels through the sky in a vehicle made of reindeer bones with her daughter; this is believed to signal the return of green to the world.

The primary axes of both of these monuments seem to have been carefully aligned, framing the winter solstice sunrise (New Grange)and the winter solstice sunset (Stonehenge).

The slaves celebrated a banquet: before, with, or served by the masters. Slaves were exempt from punishment, and treated their masters with disrespect.

Saturnalia, of course, is the Winter Solstice feast that predates most Winter Solstice feasts. Most wine and beer that had been made was finally ready for drinking during this time.

Priests also sacrificed llamas and virgins at Machu Picchu.

The actual word solstice derives from Latin and means Sun set still in winter.


Besides public rituals, there were a series of holidays and customs celebrated privately. They were given gifts in return, much like the old wassailing or mummers tradition.

Winter Solstice festivals around the world, from early times.

New Grange, Ireland, dating from about 3,000 BC

A Zac Efron Movie About DJs: Why?

Just kidding about the death part, but everyone dies eventually. Also, tank tops as far as the eye can see! This is the movie of the summer. (Help!) There is a lot to unpack here, so I’m just going to lay it out in bullet-point form:

Zac Efron plays a shit DJ.Zac Efron is such a shit DJ that he begins flipping houses (?) for money.Zac Efron finds the perfect beat.Zac Efron goes to Vegas.Zac Efron goes to Coachella.Zac Efron has life experiences and does manual labor, which inspires great DJing.Zac Efron becomes a great DJ.Zac Efron gets all the ladies.Zac Efron dies.Hmm. A Zac Efron Movie About DJs: Why?

What a tale of our times. .

Alternate headlines for this post include: Don’t Make Movies About DJs, Just Don’t; See Dozens Of White Boys Jump Into A Pool; and What Steve Aoki Hath Wrought. Not the one who got Catfished, but the other one. Inspired by Diplo’s Instagram account and written by a fifth-year named Tad with a closet full of neon tanks, here is a trailer for a movie called We Are Your Friends, about a post-grad’s quest to become a DJ. It’s a safe bet that there are cameos from people like Skrillex, and that the climax takes place at a music festival. This trailer is three minutes long, and the movie was directed by one of the Catfish guys

‘The Headmaster’s Wager’ features very human characters (Video) – Little Rock Books

Percival suffers from loneliness when he is forced to send the boy away. For a time he is able to find solace in the arms of Jacqueline, a beautiful French and Vietnamese woman whom he is able to confide in.

Vincent Lam’s debut novel, “The Headmaster’s Wager”, explores human frailties and the potentially disastrous consequences that can befall individuals who fail to curb their vices or to confront reality. He frequents gambling haunts and is drawn to the women he finds there.

When Percival hears news of fighting in the country, he remains firmly in denial about the matter. However, Percival cannot shut out the war forever.

“The Headmaster’s Wager” explores many subjects, including mixed marriage and how children resulting from these unions were regarded.

Some information provided by Goodreads. Though Percival is clearly in the wrong place at the wrong time, he can only focus on business opportunities that the divided country offers; and maintaining the elite status of his school, even if it means bribing government officials.

AUGUST 04: A punter has a 5 pound bet at Goodwood racecourse on August 04, 2012 in Chichester, England.

Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

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Mental health Sitemap – Page 5

flashbacks that last only a day and aren’t really visual or is there another name?

Do you have an anger problem, PTSD or other anger-related issues? What helps you to calm down?

My Ears Keep Going In And Out

Any psychological self-help books for curing boredom?

How to stop acting violently jealous and depressed?

Does anyone in your family not have mental issues?

Does anyone in your family have mental issues?

Would this be considered anorexia or anxiety attacks?

Do I have social anxiety disorder?

I feel like I’m going back to that emotional numbing place again.Please help?

What’s wrong with me? Mental issues of no possible classification perhaps?

Am I autistic?

What’s the frequency?

The following was developed as a mental age assessment by

the School of Psychiatry at Harvard University. Is something wrong with me?

Do dreams have meaning on the sub-conscious level? Or are they just dreams?

I bet I’m the toughest son of a bitch on here. :( help me plz.?

Have you ever known anyone crazy enough to jumpstart a jeep with a defibrillator?

Can you be insane and still function for the most part?

Could I be insane?

You have just meet someone and you suspect, that they are not quite playing with a full deck,what tips you off to this:-)

who can i talk to about some bad decisions i have made

Bipolar disorder can anyone tell me how to deal with the highs and lows? Worst of all the impulsive behavior????

Is It Possible To Destroy Ones’ Physical Self With His/Her Emotions

Anxiety/Depression pills question.

What does everyone else seem to have that you don’t?

Do you understand the ramifications of “usurp”?

Do you ever feel like you’re a completely horrible person and like people are better off without you?

Aren’t all psychiatrists nothing more than quacks? After all they went to school to convince people that their way of thinking is right and

ALL reasons why a hospital would strap you

does any one hate sleeping ..eating …have mood swings ..get depressed by smallest thing.. Years later i still get stressed when thinking about situations

Can a sociopath have a form of empathy?

Do lower intellect people think smart people are crazy so they’re both

akin to oil and water and should’nt mix prolonged company?

Even if you would never do it really,do you ever feel like murder-suicide?

what causes minor flashbacks? i.e. Is there something wrong with me?

Why are some people very very sensitive and some not?

I can’t stop laughing at everything even my sadness and I laugh at how stupid I am. and sometimes slow

does your emotional state effect how your body physically heals?

what is the best way to make yourself not feel any emotions

What should I do to help my boyfriend cheer up?

“I don’t need you anymore.” What would make you feel this way?

Do you ever feel like all you are is an empty shell of a person? If so, why?

Has your life ever really been ruined?

Why 48% of all Americans suffer from some form of mental illness?

Is Cognitive Behavioural Therpy a more successful and logical alternative to religion ? can they be integrated for even better results ?

Im 100% sure i need to see a psychologist, im worried the NHS wont give me the support i need (as always!) How can i get my DR to refer me?

Serious advice needed for mentally unstable mother. But is bullying really worse then when we were kids?

Who feels the ‘TWOT’ is just plain CRAZY?

Are you already tired of the holidays?

Who do you resemble the most?

Now What Kind of Lunatic Asylum Did they let YOU out of?

is empathy something you are born with?

What, in your opinion, makes someone unstable?

Is mental illness biological or people just not being able to deal with life because they are weak?

How bad is it to think about destroying your eyes, even if you’re not serious about it? I feel that way sometimes and it makes me feel odd.

what is mental abuse?

How can I concentrate better? What is the cause of not being able to concentrate?

What medications are good for stalkers or people w/ obsessive personalies?

Have you ever had anyone hit you in the head and tell you that “YOU ARE HEALED!”?

Am i a stalker??Plz answer asap!!

Can doodling improve your memory?

Is this normal or am i a stalker?(well i dont wanna waste my account so i’ll try to still use it once in a while) Please answer ASAP!!

Self-help: What can people do to manage and improve their mental health? Any tips?

If you were going through mental health difficulties, would you want anybody else to know?

Are the voices in your head insane?

How do you know when you are brainwashed?

What do you think about when you sitting idle not doing anything? What thoughts do you ponder (excluding sex)?

Do mental patients have a right to be elected?

What would you do with two and a half men?

How would you describe your mood at this point?

Do mental patients have a right to vote?

Could this just be a phase?

What does it mean if a psychiatrist tells you that you have “personality issues” several times?

Have you ever got so mad that you blacked out?

If you have IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder) do you really get a dual diagnosis w/ a personality disorder such as Narcissistic?

Is Neurosis and anxiety the same thing?

what would you think would happen if everyone were to address all of each one of their insecurities if at least, a little?

what type of mental disorder is this? (its about Jealousy)

can anxiety and social phobia be cured?

If you could temporarily suffer from any sort of mental illness, which would you choose and why?

Why do people joke around and call each other retards or tease someone by saying that they used to ride the short yellow bus to school?

what does chronic behavioral issues mean?

Ever get so tired you start seeing hands covering up your monitor?

Do you have any phobia’s ?

My uncle used to say when you turn 30 you stop stubbing your toe! So far its true,but why in the hell do I dream im taking a leak at 40!!!??

Do you ever feel as if the ground you’re walking on is completely hollow, and at any moment it may just crack and shatter?

Do you ever feel like you’re sinking into the earth and the walls are closing in on you?

How would one go about becoming completely void of any sort of emotions?

What signs make shrinks decide that their patient is finally sane, and over what time period do these signs normally develop?

Does this mean a Personality disorder?

Can these disorders be cured??

I hate to hate… My therapist says it phsychological, so what do i do, how can i stop it?

what can happen if you suddenly stop taking zoloft or miss a lot of doses?

How to stop worrying or thinking about things excessively that haven’t even occurred yet?

You crave you get, you crave more, and get more or you don’t get it. ?

When you feel you need to get away, what do you do? lets be real for a minute.

I think I might have a problem.

I am all alone in the world, out of options and suicide seems an ever increasing possibility

I have homicidal/cannibalistic thoughts but I am not depressed or have a mental illness. I cannot even

count now. Now that I’m off, I cry at everything for no reason. Is something wrong with him?

Is it possible to artificially create multiple personality disorder/disassociative identity disorder in some-one else…

Is it possible to die from schizophrenia?

What can cause sudden sensations of oxygen hunger ( deprivation ) in stressful times ? There are no anatomical obstructions n throat region

Are panic attacks normal?

theres someone at my workplace, i work in food service at a resort, and she has schizophrenia

Help me please!

How Do I Keep Strong These Last Few Weeks Of School?

How can i strengthen my belief in myself?

you forgiven but it haunts you from time to time something bad that happened 20+ yrs ago. How can I prevent my thoughts?

do you think that boredom comes from a repetition feeling or from the way you run your life ??

If I went to therapy take meds, will my social anxiety just disspear I’ll suddenly be confident non-shy?

How many diagnoses(labels)do you have? I have at least 7.

Have you ever been shocked beyond belief?

I just got off work have nothing that makes sound on right now and it seems like I can hear a man on a radio?

What do you think of someone who says that a conscience is just a fear of getting caught?

Does anyone crave positive attention? Why do you think that is? Did you not receive very much of it as a child? How do you overcome this?

Childhood trauma is keeping me from a good relationship with my husband.

If you are, why are you so crazy?

they say that 1out of 5 people have mantal problems,how are your 4 closest friends :-)

Can yelling at someone 24/7 be a symptom of OCD?

What if you experience some from each disorder? (Serious, but scared).


If I talk to my hallucinations, am I crazy?

How to attain individuation..?

someone please help

pleaassee someone give me your imput. I think I’m going insane.I just laugh hysterically

When was the last time you felt that it was you against the world?

On Paxil for 10yrs.

In your experience do mental health experts give you help that you cannot get from family and friends?

My family want to send me to a mental hospital, should I go?

For a week now,i feel like i need to throw up,and feeling nauseous.

Rumination has been annoying me for many years and i think it is no use taking the drugs.Any suggestions?

How do you reduce other peoples negative influences over your mood, and strengthen your own positive influence over yourself?

How often do you have negative thoughts that get stuck in your head?

If a 16 year old is obsessed with an 11 y/o is that considered “mentally ill” or weird or is it normal??Do they belong in the psych ward??

What has the Loony done for you today?

Without artistic expression, we are no more than lifeless cardboard. :P

Are we utterly alone into our own radically different realities and no intelligent entity knows what wer’e thinking or feeling at anytime?

What is the most dreadful burden to a human being?

do you have a selfharm problem please contact me motto is my user name great advice great sugestions from someone who has went through it to

Do all people who have Asperger high IQ?

We are all flawed, but what flaw would you change in yourself ?

What do you do for anxiety?

What are your thoughts on “Mental Health Therapy” ?

In a moderately short paragraph, what does being in control mean to you?

What is Morita Therapy?

Why do you think people become hoarders?

Are there therapists out there that will make you worse and then more worse and do damage rather than get you emotionally better?

How did i become like this ?

Can I visit mentally insane people in a mental hospitable?

I think to much. What do you think?

Have you ever heard of the diagnosis a thought disorder?

So, when you’re stressing about something, do you think that your mind often “plays tricks” on you to deal with the situation?

How come when you give someone good advice on here (that they have actually asked for) they just shrug it off or make excuses?

Statistics on sanity is that one out of every four persons are suffering from mental illness.

Can having a very high IQ be damaging to a person’s mental health?

what is wrong with me mentally?

am i a bad or sick person for having intrusive thoughts (unwanted thoughts that disturb me)

Therapists are people too, so why they should help you more than anyone else?

why do I think of suicide then switch to killing, and just go back and forth with them?

Does anyone know of a medical professional who deals with gender identity disorder in Florida? I’m trying to get peace of mind.

Are there any Insane Asylums in Illinois where I could apply and work? A few of my relatives have been submitted but I don’t know where…

How can I stop feeling so numb?

Is happiness all about perception?

i really want to learn how to let go of things that happened in the past. Believe it?

Looking for natural remedies for anxiety or panic attacks?

I have ADHD and OCD and need special ed. . Yes or No?

Do you know mentally what you need to be happy but can’t have it mentally?

Have you replaced your worry?

Have you ever had assistance urinating?

Boy problems, I don’t know what to do! :(

Did i get over my fear of fire (arsonphobia)?

I always have relational problems and i have a sour personality can you help?Please help me???

People dont choose to be insane, so why do people discriminate them?

Why doesnt medication really work for mental health?

I have severe anxiety but need to find a job any suggestions?

If I go to a doctor, because I have reason to believe that I have multiple personality disorder, will they lock me up?

Do you feel well connected with yourself?

Do you think I have social anxiety disorder?

Can You Start Feel Sick If You Worry Too Much?

Does common sense actually exist?

If you can _______ How come you can’t ___________

Is there anybody thoroughly healthy, wealthy, and wise?

Do you know the truth about men?

How to resolve someone who will commit suicide if his girlfriend leaves him? I need to save her from this type of situation she is deaf.

How to stop a destructive behavior?

Is it ok for a grown man to cry and call for mommy?

How do I tell my friend that I cut myself? He keeps asking why I’ve been sad and I feel like I can trust him but I don’t know what to say

I think I am crazy. how can I stop

ARE you appreciated ?

Do you have the spiritual capacity to keep zest in your life ?

How likely could an average person succeed at fooling a good psychologist or psychiatrist of a fake mental disorder?

Do I have selective mutism?

Am I crazy? Depressed?

how do you beat emotional eating?

what can u do about a really bad headache?

what do u do for really bad migrians?

Should i take vicoden daily if it makes me happy and normal?

How often do you feel stressed and what do you do about it?

I punish people for my own shortcomings

How do you move on from depression when you have family members who like to rip you to shreds and nitpick on things you do they don’t like?

6 New Personality Disorders Caused by the Internet. Help!

What are the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder?

Hi, I have read alot of stuff on the internet, but still confuse about confidence and the best method to increase it, please help?

Please Help Me Understand This Feeling

Do I have Maladaptive Daydreaming?

Why would you get migrains on the left side and the right side of your head alot

I honestly think my brain needs rewiring, is it called CBT ? and what in the world is it ? is it effective ?

What happens at your first time at a therapist/mental health doctor? Do they have the right to tell my parents about what i say or anything?

Anyone out there that is homebound due to mental illness?

I took a couple of self-tests and I found out that I pretty much have Social Anxiety Disorder and mild Depression. How do I stop?

Can a anxiety thought of your brain shrinking really cause your brain to shrink?

What do I do?? Please Help!!!! I need advice!

I’m starting to perhaps believe, that there’s a possibility that I might be weak minded.

I really think something is wrong with me. Know why, right? Isn’t there a purpose to that?

Have you ever been in mental institution? How was it?

Why is this guy proud of the fact his Wanks?

Are you crazy? :)

Apart from the religiously afflicted, who else should I warn my children about being recruited/corrupted by on QA websites?

Why do conservatives hate people with mental illnesses and call them weaklings?

Do you think loneliness could be classified as a mental disorder?

When you need some time alone, where do you go?

What is the percentage of brain usage by average human beings ?

Is it normal to want to punch the models in American Outfitters ads?

Im a happy person but recently feel numb, overwhelming sadness, thoughts about death. Looking for help… Didn’t notice how much I felt almost nothing emotionally. Doesn’t craving have to be let go of to not suffer any more?

do u ever get lost in an obscure idea? to the point of it becoming a mild obsession for a moment?

i have this little bump (feels like a bone maybe) on the side of my knee, which hurts sometimes.. Help

Is cannibalism considered a kind of mental disorder?

Ritalin to Adderall

I have no more life left in me…?

If you have a week of vacation, and nothing really on your plate, how much would you sleep?

Do You believe that stress can cause actuall physical fatigue on it’s own ( no other conditions ) ?

how is a psychosexual evaluation administered? specifically.

Am I depressed?

Why do I feel like I’m God’s toilet, i.e., designed to take crap constantly?

ADD + Social Anxiety

I have no friends and everyone treats me like crap?

im curious about something, i work in a resort and one of my coworkers has schizophrenia,

Do your tears have tears?

hey do u have a self harming problem do you want to have some one to anwser your ? about wat to do

I hate my mum she’s so ******* stupid?

Why am I so emotional lately?

Where do you get most of your own personal power from?

I am ugly. How do I join?

Have you ever taken a smart drug to improve alertness, memory and mood?

If yes, did it work for you?

What if Jesus decided to take one of his sandals, shine it up real nice, and turn it sideways? What would you suggest his next step be?

Do Signals from wireless electronic devices really affect our health?

Why is it that I enjoy seeing sensual males suffer (Im a girl) especially sexually in agony?

is there anyone online who i can talk to for free about abuse

What is your Mental Illness and how do you cope with it?

Does your body ever feel unstable?

From a very early age I have alway had the habit of talking to myself aloud. IF you do, in what ways do you think artistic expression relives stress?

What is the condition called where someone cannot recognize metaphors or figures of speech?

Are you able to be objective about your own sanity?

Can watching long hours of tv and a long use of a Computer makes you mentally slow?

Why can’t I stay interested in anything?

Tattoo for good reason?

Who helps you think?

Does anyone have a spouse, partner on antidepressants and how does it make you feel?

Can obsession be cured?

Why are people crazy?

What type of mental disorder i am facing?

If i was tested for ADD wheni was younger and didnt have it is it possible that i have it now?

I’m constantly playing this story in my head, adding new “chapters” to my “mental” story/novel thing. In what ways do you artistically express yourself on a daily basis?

Do you think it is narcissistic for a person to not want to be criticized due to their insecurities?

Do you make time for yourself?

Are you about to snap?

Do you ever feel loony? Do you want to?

I need help.Please help me!

Why can’t i sleep without checking out everyone that i care for if they’re still breathing.

Is it an accurate assumption that we fear what we don’t know. Why?

I think I’m insane, am I?

Have you considered that you might just be insane ?

I sometimes get a strange sensation that is impossible to describe unless experienced personally. how to let go?

Do you fear admitting that you may that you are weak/have a problem?

Why is it easier to produce anxiety in someone rather than pleasure?

From I am Sam how does sam explain complex ideas to lucy?

What is one thing you do everyday,or as often as you can for your well being?

what can help with consentration?

How do I stop feeling like a victim? When I get angry, I treat people like shyt and then play victim when they avoid me. I am not racist but I think I hate Arabs/Muslims/Islam/Koren… How did you do?

I\’m so sad I think I can cry.Friends,what do you do at times like these?

I just read a book that says basically the Psycopath is usually in charge. does anyone know what this might be?

Am i suffering with paranoia?

Aricept is a best you can explain me ?

I feel angry- ALOT!! Anyone else have the same problem? Has anything helped for you?

If someone hates being tickled, why do they still laugh?

What are you smiling about today?

sorry, I only wanted to withdraw the question

What is the state of one being “mentally ill” or “insane” to you?

I love eating my make up. What causes this activity? And how do I stop it from happening?

I’m afraid to think about certain things? See description to understand…

Does it seem like everything is a mental disorder lately?

why havnt i killed my self yet?….

Why does your family put up with more crap from you than anyone else would? Why do people care more about their own family than anyone else?

How do I get over my depression?

How do I concentrate on the most important things in life when I’m so stressed?

What dominate personality trait does a child need most to pull him/her self up from the depths of dysfunction and poverty?

I just took two blocks of ex-lax

What do you think about while you lay in bed at night?

After I once got very high, i began to feel it again a week later. How do I not be so ugly?

How to turn off your brain/stop thinking about everything in the evening to go to sleep?

Do you know if it’s possible to have two different types of scitzophrenia at once?

How long can one work in food service before their soul completely dies?

i luv internet porn but i have seen the three things i have always wanted to say any ideas or anything maybe a good site

I feel so depressed, and unwanted and unloved! I have been feeling this way for awhile. How do you get past that feeling

When is it bad to feel vulnerable? When is it good to feel vulnerable?

How do you become more optimistic?

Do you think pornography is harmful to children? Do you think GOOD sex ed would counteract any negative effect it might have?

What do you know about Multiple Personality Disorder,or DID?

did you ever have an imaginary friend, if you did what were they like?

I’ve been thinking about when I tried to commit suicide when I was younger. This is 6th time he done this

to different women.

What is the difference between borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder?

Hey, you know those country music videos from 2010? Is it impossible to get a list of them?

What do you think about people with a Bi-Polar disorder.

Are you frightened by people with mental disorders?

Does it bother people with OCD if someone calls it ODC?

Is Weylon ok?

Do YOU need someone to talk to? Advice or a friend? I can listen and give advice. loss of apetite..

what are you supposed to feel when therapy is working?

Can anxiety and sleep deprivation cause nausea and vomiting?

Do I have Social Anxiety Disorder (read description for details)

Does this sound like I have social anxiety disorder?

How do you deal with your self image as a woman as you pass age 50?

the major events in my life arent really registering in my mind,

When a genius becomes schizophrenic does that mean he becomes smarter than any of us can understand? Or, does it mean he just went crazy?

Is it possible for a person to die if they took a whole bottle of sleeping pills and laid face down in a tub full of water?

Dr told me that my ink is a type of “cutting” since I seem to only get it after something “upsetting” has happened. Email: yremi@ymail.com

Wouldn’t it suck to have a medical condition which made you compulsively burst out laughing at the worst possible moments?

What does it mean when you can’t identify with your reflection in the mirror? Not like ashamed, like it’s almost a different person.

Do I have OCD?

Is there a connection between a psychotic break and a black hole?

How common is borderline personality disorder? And what are all of the symptoms?

What causes borderline personality disorder?

Is there a cure for ODD? I have it. LOL!

“You worry too much.” When do you feel like saying this?

How often do people curse you that you are aware of? How do you deal with it?

I used to like the anime called Kuroshitsuji

How to manually cure depression ?

How much time do you spend completely alone?Strictly. I always get freaked out whenever I think about it.

Am I wrong to think Men have feelings and emotions like Ladies? cause it’s very rare to see that in a male!

have you ever been restrained while in a psychiatric hospital?

What Are The Effects Of PTSD For Vietnam War Veterans?

Aren’t we all a little crazy?

Are you overwrought?

What Kinds Of Things Piss You Off?

What is the difference between Psychologist and Psychiatrist? Amna Export

When you feel apathetic, who do you blame?

Did you know that excessive or insufficient lighting can cause a person to be depressed?

Every question in Mental Health.

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Are you stable?

What causes girly men?

Do you ever feel like you should be mean to some people b/c they like you too much…

Would you say that if you can control someone’s emotions, you can control what they think?

Is a psychologist/psychiatrist/therapist always right?

What kind of person is commonly considered to be insane, but really isn’t?

To me there is nothing better than fist fighting with another man and getting all bloody – what makes you feel ALIVE!! ?

Only an insane man thinks he’s sane, right?

Since recognising i have mental problems,addressing them and seeking help-those closest to me have turned on me – why ?

Can couple’s counselling be beneficial to all couples, even if there’s nothing evidently “wrong?”

I explained to my mum all the mental problems ive been having and that im seeing a psychiatrist:she said “shut up get on with it” ?

Do I have an anxiety disorder?

why does your body sometimes physically heal fast. Is this a problem? Is there help?

Any phobias? I have many, including other people’s saliva.

What’s a common word that you hate? Why?

Is there anyone who feels like they’re dying of loneliness?

WARNING! There are charlatans here using my name! Signed, The Holy Spirit.

ISO crazy people with crazy answers,just how crazy are you?

Buzzing, droning in my head, makes me wish that I were dead,

Tinnitus is a wretched curse, loud music only makes it worse,

If someone says that you drive them crazy, would it be a long drive?

At work, i feel as though everyone is talking behind my back. What do i do?? .

What is being ‘bipolar” mean. . i really need it now.

I get these little muscle spasms or like twiches all over my body… I just cut mysefl reel bafffffff so how much blood is too much to loooooooooose??

Is everyone else out there to show you how different you seem to others?

How do you give the appearance of complete, total sanity?

Is Social Phobia and Social Anxiety the same thing?

What is the difference between Nonverbal Learning Disorder and Aspergers?

Since it’s usually passed onto kids, would the trait of being an abusive husband die out if women refused to stay in abusive relationships?

Was ‘Testing’( of almost all kinds of stuff) a method invented to stop folks imagination from going OTT?

What helps you allow yourself to be vulnerable?

What helps you get out of your head and live?

Do you spend too much time inside of your head?

How do you deal with mental tension?

When is being lost inside your own head unhealthy?

Do you ever feel like you just need space away from people? If so, how often do you feel that way?

Do you need a motivation to get you out of bed everyday and if so, what is it?

How do you feel today and do you feel different everyday?

Do I make people mad?

When traumatic events occur, do you develop any weird tics?

From Spain? Can you recommend a quality mental health physician? Please include a website and contact information if possible.

From Finland? Can you recommend a quality mental health physician? Please include a website and contact information if possible.

if u crave power to rule the world are u egotistical?

I cant cope with ________________________Ok?

what kind of mental illness could make you extremely self centered and lack empathy and caring for others.

How do I stop feeling so miserable?

How can you tell whether or not you are thinking too hard?

Important Question: How do I tell my mum this?

How do you deal with mental breakdowns when you have them? If you happen to not have those, please feel free to give tips on how not to.

is this a mental illness?

why do i get irratated so easily and feel unable to control it?

What can take away feelings of hopelessness and despair?

i feel no empathy/caring for others.why?

Does my friend deny that I have a problem?

Why am I the center of the Universe?

Why does this happen??? Please Help!!!!!

Can someone answer this question?

How can you get over depression when it’s core is so deep inside you no pill can help?

Do you know anyone who actually worried themselves to actual death?

Doesn’t, in some cases, depression or tendency to depression just indicate a really high eq.

why am i blind to the feeling of others?

In your opinion, what is the role for appreciation of nature in a healthy life?

Alcoholism, drug addiction, anorexia, gambling, are these really a disease? Any activity one can cure by simply ceasing is not a disease.

Why (does it seem like) there are more people these days with mental problems?

Do you have any health problems?

Do I have Anti-social personality disorder or something else?

Why cant a mental illness be fixed like easy as changing a flat tyre?

What are the symptoms of Bi polar dissorder and split personallity?

In my opinion lady gaga sounds alright but her dress sense is unique and thats a good word for it ; people just humour her to be nice.

Have you ever been abandoned? how did you survive?

How can you tell when a person is lying to you? what are tell tale signs?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by support?

Why would my son beg a woman that he is with to have a baby?

Then abandon her baby. What do you think?

Can you shut the world out without the world shutting you in?

How can I finish getting over a paranoia or irrational fear?

Kids being bullied has become a national debate following some tragic suicides. I know its like when you have mood swings.

Once again: IS there a cure for Oppositional Defiant disorder? :L

If someone thinks they have serious mental health issues and they are a danger to themselves and those around them – whats the next step ?

Are women more mentally unstable and deceptive than men ?

Have you met the man that wasn’t there?

I CANT DO THE RIGHT THING – i have no self control and end up destroying my life ..why ? is this some kind of mental disorder

Are you for or against the Stem Cell research?

In what ways do you trust in your own judgement of personal sanity?

Are you mentally insane?

I want to live alone and be alone, but another part of me wishes I could love someone. Like everyone is friends and they all talk negativly about me.

Why do pretty boys do stupid sh*t?

How seriously should you take online mental disorder tests?

I dont know whats wrong with me, one day Im on top of the workd but the next I feel like I want to die..I hate this up and down all the time

Do you think that asking and answering questions is boring?

Do ever hope that you were just being paranoid?

What is one of the terms or words used for hearing voices…NOT schitzophrenia

How can you learn to trust yourself so you can also trust the people in your life?

In what ways does your body communicate with your brain to help you learn about what to do for yourself and what not to do?

Do you have psych issues?

Can vitamin B complex and physical exercise alevate OCD anxiety disorder symptomes ?

You know something is self-destructive when . Why do you suppose this is so? Also, how can we better push through barriers?

Why do I feel so lonely??

Have you had a mental evaluation recently?

Know anyone who needs Zoloft in their Xmas stocking?

Have you ever believed a lie you told to be the true to the point of it actually happening to you ?

What constitutes insanity?

If you have homicidal thoughts are you considered homicidal even if you never act on them?

Is there a mental disorder that you don’t care if your a bad person or not?

The Obsession of Reproaching and Blaming Myself

Can a counselor make a client and his/her problem worse?

Is there such a thing as a trained but poor counselor?

To effect behavioral change, what is the omptimal minimal number of counseling sessions required?

What is the best way to beat your stress?

Do you view yourself as a disturbed individual?

Would you rather be naked at a school for 1 month or naked infront of all your friends, cousins, and your family all at your house forever

I have often referred to art as a “Authentic Release Technique”. I just want answers.

I’m searching for a mental istitution, did I come to the right place?

What to do to improve concentration?

Why does the perspective of thought change when you grow up?

Do you look as good as you feel?

Do you feel special when you look in the mirror?

When will I take things more seriously?

Do you have stinking thinking?

how do i change how i judge myself?

Do insane people have their own cliques?

Is something wrong with me?I think i need help.

Sometime you become conscious in your dream. Maybe I’m paranoid…? (description)

What’s the difference between a therapist and a psychiatrist?

Medically Speaking, how would a shrink manage simultaneous severe depression and severe anxiety?

Inanimate objects only: How often do you get picked up and thrown against your will?

Do antidepressants affect sexual arousal?

Does anyone else feel like the only thing keeping you alive is because you know you are not worth the funeral cost?

Why do you have to be normal and not just accepted as who you are?

How do I stop second guessing?

Why are people so judgemental and missunderstanding to mentally ill people?

Why do I have suicidal thoughts sometimes?

Can anyone describe what a normal human being is?

Do you find it amusing when people say “stop wasting my time” while they are ANSWERING questions? Sad. Do you suffer from any of these? (See link.)

If your parents said this…would you tell them?

what is a more positive alternative to fear?

Which is most important to you?

How can you tell if you’re depressed, or just down? Whatever it is that i’m feeling it’s affecting everything, friends, school.

Do you think hospital bracelets will become fashionable in the future because it proves you have money for health care?

Why do most people fear becoming nothing? Why do they need the “promise” of eternity and how could the human mind endure eternity sanely?

What’s happening to me?

What do you think is wrong with me?

Why are so many scientists fooled by evolution?

Am I wrong for having issues with my bi-polar diagnosed sister watching my 1 1/2 year old son?

What does one do about angst?

Does anyone else here get manic and clean house?

Do you feel safe wherever you go? Or is your comfort zone close to home?

What does one do when burdened by frustration with humanity as a whole?

Isn’t being alone one of the worst aspects of heartbreak?How can being alone help you heal your broken heart?

now a days i ve lot of stress in working hours,, how to reduce that?

Why do I have weird thoughts nowadays?

Aside from a bit more stress, why would paranoia be a bad thing?

How do you explain the cutting urge/feelings to cut, to someone close to you?

Why do people cut themselves?

if you suffered a traumatic childhood do you always have to relive the emotions again to move on?

When work stresses you out do you leave it at work or take it home? how to leave work at work?

i’m having a nervous breakdown right now

My husband went to Walmart and has called me 5 times trying to decide what to buy

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