Helpful Hints On Playing Slot Machines

The web site Slot Advisor states that is not necessarily true.

The catch is a player must be present when the draw is held. This keeps customers in the casino or coming back another time to spend more money on food, drink or playing the gaming tables and slot machines.

Those playing slot machines on a restricted budget should play only one or two credits rather than the maximum each time. The idea being their money will last longer at these machines. Those who set some personal goals and also follow the casino’s rules when playing the slot machines will come out winners. Free Rewards Card are offered and, when used each time at the slot machines, the cards build points that can be redeemed for free meal vouchers or chances at prize, winning draws.

Slot Machine Payouts. If a player plays the maximum bet of twenty lines with five reels each, it will cost $,1 $2.50 or $5 per spin respectively.

Slot Machine Etiquette

A trip to the casino should be a relaxing, fun experience. They are called loose machines and pay out 95% to 98% of the time.

Tight And Loose Slot Machines

A poor paying machine is called a tight machine. This will maximize time on the machine and possibly increase the odds, although the payouts will be smaller.

Never touch the machine or lean over the shoulder of another slot machine player.

Patrons are allowed to play two side-by-side machines as long as the casino isn’t busy.

Do not pound on the slot machines buttons. Walk around and observe which slot machines are paying out and how often. A knowledgeable player is more likely to walk away a winner.

Many people chose to play the two, five and ten cent slot machines. Stick to non-alcoholic beverages. If the maximum bet is three credits, the cost is seventy-five cents per spin. The management frowns on this because it takes up a seat that could be used by someone else.

According to the Associated Content website, Casino Tips and Tricks, a player can increase their chances of winning by playing the well paying slot machines. Playing casino or hotel slot machines is not always a question of luck. Loose machines are often located directly beside a tight machine. Casino Slot MachinesUpon arrival at the casino, decide upon a slot machine strategy. So if the draw is held later that day or on another day, the patron must either hang around or come back another day to be eligible to win. Be aware, however, that some machines have a five-bet maximum, which would mean paying $1.25 per spin.

In order to make playing casino slot machines more enjoyable for everyone, there are some basic rules of etiquette that should be followed:

Gambling establishments also often provide free drinks to patrons. This distracts other players and casino owners discourage it because of possible damage to the machines.

Finally, do not sit on the chair next to someone playing the slots unless you are playing that slot machine. A player should move to a different slot machine if it isn’t paying out after five or ten spins.

The amount stated on the slot machine is the cost to play per reel. Whether a player walks away a winner, breaks even or loses, consider it money spent on a day’s entertainment.

Playing the twenty-five cent slot machine may be a better option. Drinking alcohol can impair judgment causing a player to overspend and forget the game plan.

Gaming casinos and hotel casinos often use promotions to keep people coming back to the casino

Unibet Bets on Bingo Using Software from Parlay Entertainment

Unibet is one of the largest privately owned gambling operators in the European market with more than 1.3 million customers in over 100 countries. The addition of online bingo is part of Unibet’s long-term strategy to broaden its product range beyond sports betting.

Unibet Bingo uses Parlay’s new Swedish Variant Bingo software, featuring the five-part game popular in bingo halls throughout Sweden.

This document may contain statements about expected future events and/or financial and operating results of Parlay Entertainment Inc. Today, Unibet has more than 1,340,000 customers in over 100 countries. Registered users can access the game through the Unibet gaming portal at

Unibet Bets on Bingo Using Software from Parlay Entertainment

August 16, 2006: 10:20 a.m. More brand name companies use Parlay’s leading technology than any other software company in the Internet bingo industry.

More information about Unibet Group plc can be found on

About Parlay Entertainment

Parlay Entertainment Inc. Unibet provides services in 20 languages and has initially launched Unibet Bingo in Swedish, with other languages to follow. The company is one of the largest privately-owned gambling operators in the European market and provides services in 20 languages through Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements as a number of factors could cause actual future results, conditions, actions or events to differ materially from the targets, expectations, estimates or intentions expressed in the forward-looking statements.

(1) United States Patent No. Parlay Bingo is available in both 75-number and 90-number versions and is complemented by a full suite of lottery and casino games. that are forward-looking. Bingo gives us the opportunity to reach out to new demographics and broaden our customer base as well as the opportunity to cross-promote bingo with our existing suite of products,” said Petter Nylander, CEO Unibet.

“Online bingo continues to expand into countries that have a strong tradition of land-based bingo,” said Andrew Branscombe, Vice President of Sales for Parlay Entertainment. Unibet Group plc has been listed on Stockholmsborsen’s O-list since June 2004. As the inventor and patent holder of Internet bingo(1), Parlay is the first company in the world to develop and deploy a commercial Internet bingo product. There is significant risk that predictions and other forward-looking statements will not prove to be accurate. 6,585,590 “Method and system for operating a bingo game on the Internet”, with other Patent applications pending in other countries.

“We’re pleased to launch Unibet Bingo which will further broaden our ‘moneytainment’ offer. “With its large, international player base, Unibet is an ideal partner to bring this popular form of entertainment to new markets. Our multi-player, multi-platform technology is used to power more online bingo sites than any other software provider in the world. Some of the world’s best-known brands use Parlay Bingo solutions, including Virgin, Yahoo! and MSN.

Parlay has an eight year proven track record built on the success of our clients: In 2005, more than 2.8 million players wagered nearly $2 billion USD on gaming websites that use Parlay software. EST

Leading European gaming operator chooses Parlay Entertainment technology for online bingo offering.


Unibet was founded in 1997 and is an online gambling company with its headquarters in London. Unibet is a member of the EBA, European Betting Association and is certified by G4, Global Gaming Guidance Group. By their nature, forward-looking statements require the Company to make assumptions and are subject to inherent risks and uncertainties. Moving forward, Unibet will benefit from Parlay’s multilingual capabilities as it deploys its bingo offering in other countries.”

For more information on Parlay solutions and services, please visit our Web site at

Parlay Entertainment Inc. is the world’s leading developer and dominant licensor of Internet bingo solutions.

About Unibet

The addition of Unibet strengthens Parlay’s multi-national customer base. Parlay is headquartered in Oakville, Canada with offices in Bridgetown, Barbados and Valletta, Malta.. (TSX VENTURE: PEI), the world’s leading supplier of Internet bingo solutions, is pleased to announce that Unibet has added Parlay-powered bingo to its offering of online games. Unibet’s activities are licensed in the UK and in Malta.

The TSX Venture Exchange does not accept any responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

Founded in 1997, Unibet offers a comprehensive range of online gambling products including sports betting, live betting, casino, poker, lotteries and soft games

How to Bet Proposition Bets at a Sportsbook by RJ Bell

If her opponent pulls off the upset, $100 bet on the underdog would profit $360 (plus the return of the $100 risked). The odds on a “field” bet are typically comparable to a bet on the favorite in order to protect sportsbooks from taking a big hit if a major upset occurs. Other examples of props for non-team sports include what racing team will finish highest in a particular NASCAR race (Chevy, Ford or Dodge) or how many rounds will the fight between Mike Tyson and Kevin McBride last (Over/Under 8.5 rounds). However, many sportsbooks also offer proposition bets (or props short) for gambling on non-team sports like golf, tennis, boxing and auto racing – including NASCAR – due to their growing popularity. “Matchup Betting” generally involves an individual going up against another individual in a head-to-head event, such as a tennis match, and the odds are determined using the money line.

Every $400 bet on Serena nets a $100 profit if she wins (plus the return of the $400 risked). The two main ways of wagering on non-team sports are “Betting to Win” an event and “Matchup Betting” which pits an individual against another individual or a group of individuals.

Betting to Win

Matchup Betting

What team will win the coin toss

Furthermore, a tennis match would be considered a tournament-style head-to-head matchup since the competitors involved directly play against each other in the event. The same holds true for major team sports like NFL and college football, NBA and college basketball and MLB baseball.

For example, if Serena Williams faced an overmatched opponent in the U.S. Since golf and NASCAR both have pre-qualifying, not everybody makes the cut to the final day of competition, and these group matchups require all individuals to qualify in order to be eligible for action.

RJ Bell

© 2006


For non-team sports like golf, boxing, tennis and NASCAR, “Matchup Betting” offers an alternative to simply betting on the event’s winner. A NFL future bet on a team to win the Super Bowl might be 20/1 in the preseason; but by midseason, their odds might decrease to 10/1 if they turn out to be legitimate championship contenders.

Before every major event in non-team sports like golf, tennis and auto racing, futures are set by oddsmakers. For example, you can bet on:

It is very important to note that not all the competitors in an event may be listed, so another betting option is on the “field” which includes all other competitors not listed. So be aware of all your wagering options and don’t miss out on the excitement non-team sports have to offer with prop betting!

What player will score the game’s first touchdown

The main advantage of futures is that you can get appealing odds by betting far in advance of when the event takes place. These artificial matchups are also fake in the sense that bookmakers are the ones creating them – solely for betting purposes – and different books will often offer different matchups.

An example with team sports would be NFL futures, where you often can get much higher odds on a team by betting before the season starts. For more information on how this works, be sure to check out How to Read the Money Line.

As you can see, there’s much more to betting than simply totals and sides, especially when it comes to gambling on non-team sports. Proposition bets for non-team sports are not limited to “Betting to Win” an event and “Matchup Betting” but those are the primary ways to wager on them. For example, betting on the 2006 Masters golf tournament now might get you much better value on Tiger Woods, who may be 10/1 at this moment but dip to 6/1 closer to the event if he is on a roll.. Unlike team sports such as football, non-team sports also have multiple events over the course of a year, so “Betting to Win” obviously happens much more frequently than a once a year NFL futures bet on the Super Bowl winner does.

Group matchups are another way “matchup betting” is used which is particularly popular in golf and auto racing events like NASCAR, where you can select whether a leading competitor or a few other lesser competitors will finisher higher amongst the group, with the odds again based on money lines. An artificial head-to-head matchup involves competitors in an event like a golf tournament or auto race who are indirectly competing against each other since in reality they are competing against everybody in the field, not just one other competitor. Open tennis tournament, a reasonable money line would require Serena bettors to risk $400 to win $100 while a $100 bet on her opponent would win $360.

Here’s how the money line would be listed: Serena Williams -400 / #102 Ranked Opponent +360.

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“Betting to Win” an outcome event like The Masters is the most common way to wager on individuals competing for a particular non-team title. Props, also known as exotic wagers, are also extremely popular on high-profile team sporting events like the Super Bowl in Las Vegas . The Imperial Palace Casino’s sportsbook is well-known for the enormous number of prop bets offered. In exchange for a lesser payout, field bettors gain the advantages of having more than one entrant that can win for them.

What will be the exact margin of victory

Betting sides and totals on major sports like baseball, basketball and football are the most common wagers available everywhere. These are not fixed and are adjusted by sportsbooks several times leading up to the event and are sometimes released months before an event

Spread Betting Explained – Beginners Guide to Spread Betting the Financial Markets

It is best, if making a trading decision based on price patterns, to use at least one indicator reading to back up your decision, and vice versa, or to analyze at least two indicators, for example. Some traders will place bets that last over the course of several days, or weeks, while others either day trade or scalp the market. Analysis of patterns and indicators are thought to help predict upcoming changes in the direction of the market. It can be used to trade just about any market and traders can either go long or short (buy or sell) their chosen stock, commodity, future or currency. Bets lasting over longer durations generally have more staked per point than shorter term bets in order to make the profits worthwhile.

Before trading, spread bettors need to learn how to trade or they are very unlikely to make money. They establish where they are going to place their stop-loss, which is a point at which they will want to exit a trade before they lose any more money on it. The stake is placed per point and points relate to specified price segments (per hundredth, or thousandth, of a penny, for example) determined by the broker.

Whichever timescale you choose to trade over, you need to have some kind of strategy to give you an edge before trading online. Again, you need to have the nerve to let the trade run until it has made a worthwhile profit.

Chart Representing Price Change with Japanese Candlesticks

Trading Chart


Brokers usually make their money on the spread, or difference, between their buy and sell price, so don’t have an interest in whether the bettor, or trader, wins or loses. If you decide to try spread betting, you should never trade with capital that you cannot afford to lose. Some traders use technical analysis or fundamental analysis to make buy and sell decisions, while others use a combination of both.

It is always wise to practice any trading strategy on practice, or demonstration, accounts offered by most online brokers. Even then, most traders fail in the long term and virtually all lose money within the first year.

Spread betting is a popular online trading method. Because spread betting is classed as gambling, profits are sometimes tax free. Again, many websites offer free advice on how to read technical indicators such as the MACD, Moving Averages and Bollinger Lines. You need to be strong enough to cut your losses at a sensible point.

One of the first things to decide on is over which timescale you would like to trade. It depends on which country a trader resides in and on the current tax rules there. Many traders also fall for the temptation of taking profits too quickly as they are unwilling to lose the small profit already made. It also includes the study of things like individual company performance. Always remember that you are involved in a high risk business.

Fundamental analysis looks at what is happening currently in any particular overall sector, market news, trading sentiment (which is established by looking at what other traders are doing, or thinking of doing, through discussion groups, articles and online forums, for example). It is thought that traders shouldn’t place more than 2% of their total capital on any one trade. It also looks at readings of technical indicators attached to trading charts. Plain bad luck can be a large factor too. These factors, along with the flexibility of spread betting and the ability to start investing with smaller amounts of money than with traditional stocks and shares trading, makes spread betting a good choice for some people.

Bad trading strategies, money management or trading psychology are often reasons that traders lose money. This helps them to avoid the risk of having all their funds wiped out and being unable to win them back. Also, traders usually make entry and exit decisions before they place a trade. Traders try to catch an upward or downward trend and ride as much of it as possible before it reverses in the opposite direction. Different traders have favorite patterns and indicators.. Traders place a stake to bet on which way the market will move in either direction. Day traders close out bets before the end of each business day but may leave them open for several hours, while scalpers leave bets open for just very short periods of time – minutes usually, or even seconds. Also read reviews and discussion groups before paying for any trading product or service, as many are just money-making scams.

Trading psychology comes with practice and, even if a trader does well using a demo account, they may lose money when they go live because of psychological factors that come into play when they risk their own money. They either try to catch a trend at the point of the reversal, or wait for a while until they feel that the new direction in trend has been confirmed, before placing their bet.

Money management techniques involve making sensible decisions about how much to place on each trade, for example. This will depend largely on the amount of time you have available, how involved you want to be on a daily basis and whether or not you enjoy making fast decisions. Most also predetermine where they will take the profit from a trade so that they don’t risk losing the money they have already made.

There is much free information online about typical chart patterns and there is no guarantee that any paid-for strategy is likely to be any more successful than ones discussed freely online. You should read trading forums for advice on what has worked for other traders. Often traders will let a losing trade run for too long as they become desperate to win back their losses. Again, information about fundamental analysis can be found freely online.

Money management and trading psychology are important factors in whether a spread bettor is successful or not.

Spread Betting the Financial Markets

Technical analysis involves looking at trading charts and recognizing patterns in the representation of how price changes over time. Brokers may bet on some of the opposing positions, however, for increased profit margins

Ariana Grande Is The Top Pick To Perform At The 2015 NBA All-Star Game

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By GOTTY(TM) • 01.22.15

Her performance at the game will be part of a big month for Grande. The tiny pop princess was announced as this year’s performer for the big game, held at New York’s Madison Square Garden on February 15.

Ariana Grande Denies Wishing Her Fans Would DieGetty Image

ariana grande nba allstar. Some things are just sacrilegious, you know.

Ariana Grande’s taking over the court during halftime of this year’s NBA All-Star Game. She’s also performing at the Grammy Awards one week before the game and is also up for two Grammy awards, including best pop vocal album for My Everything.

And mini-Mariah should play well at MSG as long as she does not try to emulate the original’s jersey dress for the event during the 2003 ASG

Alliance of the BAA and NBL

Since the 1st All-star game held in 1951, it has been sixty years of the NBA All-star history. assumed that now that this was All-star game, everybody’s jersey must have stars on it, and the stars must be only colored five-pointed stars. Wizardry Johnson made a bigger name for himself while playing in his first NBA Finals in 1980, the conclusion of his first season in the pro league, and leading his team to victory after having to play each position on the court during game 6 after an injury that took star player Kareem Abdul Jabbar out of the game, scoring 42 points making a contribution to his groups win during his first championship.

In years absent of NBA dynasties and competitions on which fans can direct their fervor and support, NBA Finals fail to draw quite as much attention as in pique years. It was only two years after BAA combined with NBL, and there were only eleven groups in the league, as the Washington Capitols broke at the start of that year.

At that point, the basketball wasn’t preferred in the United States. As an example, if Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan were both in the WEST All-star team, one of them couldn’t use the No.21, and had to pick another number that no-one had used.

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In 1951, the first NBA All-star game was held. The following dynasty to appear inside the NBA, in the years spanning 1957-1969, were the Boston Celtics, competing in 12 Finals series in that period and winning eleven NBA championship titles inside those 13 years alone – with 8 of them as successive wins from 1959-1966. Even in the All-star game which was planned to thrill the fans, the NBA jerseys were quite conservative. From 1951 to 1970, All-star NBA jerseys were intensely regular and stiff. The Celtics appeared as the victors in a close competing, winning 4 games to 3. Leading the team to its mythical victories were coach Red Auerbach and players Bill Russell and John Havlicek.

In 1984, the Celtics and the Lakers contested each other in the NBA Finals for the 1st time since 1969, and the match-up drew the largest NBA game TV audience in the history of the championship. Nonetheless the Lakers won the championship title that year in 6 games, the Celtics losing the 6th and last game on their home court for the 1st and only time in their playoff history. In the 1970′s, 8 different groups succeeded in winning NBA championship titles, and fan fervor faded briefly. There had been only the “EAST” or “WEST” showing in the chest, with the giant number.

The 1st dynasty to appear inside the NBA following the 1949 alliance of the BAA and NBL was that of the Minneapolis Lakers, who won five NBA championship titles in 6 years spanning 1948-1954, controlled by center George Mikan, now a legend in the sport. It was asserted that there had been even an inventory in the opening rite that all players in the All-star game would be together singing “we are the stars” or something.

Furthermore , there couldn’t be 2 same numbers in one team. It grew heated once more nevertheless, as a contention surfaced in the 1980′s between the Lakers ( controlled by Sorcery Johnson ) and the Celtics ( controlled by Larry Bird ), both leading players having entered the league the year before, carrying over their widely-viewed university basketball competition from their own groups, Michigan State Varsity and Indiana State School . So let’s look at the way in which the All-star NBA jerseys have changed in the sixty years.. in the twenty years, every NBA All-star jersey had been full of stars and the stars had somehow become the premiere role in the game. Across the decade either 1 or both of the rivaling groups competed in the Finals – the Lakers won the title 5 times ( 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, and 1988 ) and the Celtics won the titles 3 times ( 1981, 1984, and 1986 ).


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Follow Profitable Sports Picks online as your reliable source for sports odds and picks for all of your favorites including NFL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, NBA, and MLB.

Besides these stiff rules, the most unsuitable thing is that the NBA Jersey Design Dep. The American’s fave games were the NFL ( State Soccer League ), MLB ( Big League Baseball ) and NHL ( State Hockey League ). So the NBA league was keeping quite a low profile. The key colors were always the Red, White, and Blue which designated the league, and there were not any enormous “NBA” letters or symbol in the jersey. In the 1985 NBA Finals, in the first game of the playoffs – recalled as the “Memorial Day Slaughter ” – the Celtics set the still-standing record of 148 points as the highest spot total by a team in the NBA Finals

The Best Casinos for Blackjack in Las Vegas

I’ve lived and played in Las Vegas for 16 years and counting, and I’ve learned that the city is constantly changing and growing.

If you’ve heard of Las Vegas, then I’d bet you’ve heard of the strip. Depending on how much money you play with, you can earn quite a bit of complimentary gifts and discounts at restaurants, stores and theatres.

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11011 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135, USA

The Wynn

MGM Grand Casino and Treasure Island

The Mirage seen from the behind the volcano on the Las Vegas Strip.

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Red Rock Casino -

One of the best blackjack odds, and they have a giant statue of lion that you have to see.

The El Cortez boasts one of the best odds for blackjack in all of Las Vegas with a single deck and 0.18 odds in favor of the dealer. The minimum bet changes for blackjack depending on the time of day ($25-$100). You can make a quick trip to the Red Rock Canyons after a night of gambling, and nature’s free. Of course, they offer blackjack tables with a slightly smaller minimum bet. The sky is the limit here as they have tables where the minimum bet is $100,000. The reason they’re able to offer such good odds to the player is because of the rule variants employed at different tables. Some casinos use 8 decks and a shuffling machine to increase the house odds (or casino’s odds) and to make card counting almost impossible. This means if you hit a blackjack and your bet is $10 you’ll be paid $15 at a table with a 3:2 payout, but you’d win just $12 at a 6:5 paying table.

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MGM Grand hotel on the Las Vegas strip

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Player’s cards are cards offered at many casinos to gamblers who want to earn perks when they play. What is the strip? It’s about a 4 mile stretch of a street on Las Vegas Boulevard South. Other Las Vegas casinos play with just one deck with small bets to attract players. Treasure Island is the main competitor of MGM Grand and also has a live show in front of their resort available for free. It has one of the highest concentrations of quality casinos and entertainment in the city. If you want to play big and win big (but more likely lose big), then you should head over to the Wynn. Their blackjack tables are played with only two decks, dealer peeks, double on any two cards, double after splitting, and no surrender. Red Rock also sports a variety of blackjack variant rules. The minimum bet can be as little as $5, so if you’re just looking for a little fun, this is the place. With small decks, you’ll probably be seeing the better odds of 3:2, more and more, you’ll start to see rates of 6:5. I’ll try to accommodate everyone’s “best” casino based on what you find most important, so this list considers the best odds for blackjack, the best atmosphere, and the best locations.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino -

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MGM Grand hotel on the Las Vegas strip

A natural Blackjack (21 points).

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The MGM Grand is tied with Treasure Island for the best player odds in blackjack on the strip. Life size boats support actors in a more adult comedy which can be viewed throughout the day.

“lat”:36.16909,”lng”:-115.138596,”zoom”:16,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:["id":"36280","lat":36.16909,"lng":-115.138596,"name":"El Cortez Hotel and Casino","address":"600 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA","description":""]

El Cortez Hotel and Casino -

El Cortez Hotel and Casino

Red Rock Hotel and Casino

The Wynn

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MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, 3799 Las Vegas Blvd,South, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

The Wynn -

Blackjack and Las Vegas Terms

The Red Rock Hotel and Casino

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600 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA

Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Hotel, 3900 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA

The Mirage seen from the behind the volcano on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Mirage offers decently low house advantages in Vegas along with a player’s card option. The El Cortez is one of the older casinos with an old west, Las Vegas feel. You should be able to ask a dealer about setting up one for yourself.

“lat”:36.12175,”lng”:-115.176041,”zoom”:16,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:["id":"36278","lat":36.121437,"lng":-115.175949,"name":"The Mirage","address":"Mirage Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA","description":""]

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 Last updated on September 12, 2012

“lat”:36.120224,”lng”:-115.172173,”zoom”:13,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:["id":"36273","lat":36.120224,"lng":-115.172173,"name":"The Wynn","address":"Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Hotel, 3900 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA","description":""]

A casino’s blackjack table

The odds in blackjack vary as much by casino as they do by table. You’re able to double down on any two cards, double down after splitting, and more. However, you can only find these odds at a select few (on average 5) blackjack tables in the El Cortez, so I don’t recommend it unless you’re willing to settle into a good hunt for just the right table and just the right odds. If you’re a more casual player, or you’re going to be drinking and playing, I would recommend an easier venue. Many tourists never leave it during their stay.

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The Mirage Casino

A casino's blackjack table

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Las Vegas has almost 100 casinos and you can play blackjack at almost every one! I’m here to help you narrow that down a bit. If you’re a more experienced player or a little bored with standard blackjack, I’d recommend trying your luck here.

The Red Rock Hotel and Casino

“lat”:36.103298,”lng”:-115.168259,”zoom”:15,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:["id":"36272","lat":36.103298,"lng":-115.168259,"name":"MGM Grand Hotel and Casino","address":"MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, 3799 Las Vegas Blvd,South, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA","description":"One of the best blackjack odds, and they have a giant statue of lion that you have to see."]

“lat”:36.155617,”lng”:-115.334473,”zoom”:16,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:["id":"36279","lat":36.155617,"lng":-115.334473,"name":"Red Rock Casino","address":"11011 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135, USA","description":""]

The Red Rock Casino offers their own player’s card as well. They also have quite a few quality restaurants.

A natural Blackjack (21 points).

The Wynn is a casino for those who want to play blackjack in style. Along with a good atmosphere and decent house edge odds, the Wynn has their own player’s card option called a Red Card. The main draw of the Red Rock Casino is that it’s far off from the strip. You can play here if you want to see how the locals play for a more “authentic” experience.

Analysis: Tea Party Spoils The Party For GOP Establishment Candidates in 2010 Primaries

In Delaware and New York “outsider” candidates defeated those supported by the Republican establishment. Most handicappers (us included) had Delaware leaning Republican in the November election.

“I was ahead in the general election according to Rasmussen, before this Republican cannibalism started,” she said on “GMA” this morining. Judd Gregg’s seat.

World News Videos | ABC World News


O’Donnell, who credits Sarah Palin with making the critical difference in her campaign, today called that “a shame.”. By beating the popular — and more electable GOP Rep. We expect that others will soon follow.

The last major primary contests of 2010 went out with a bang. Mike Castle — O’Donnell is now a decided underdog against New Castle Co. Still, Lamontagne had just $109,000 in his campaign bank account compared to over $1.2 million for Hodes.

Primaries Produce Tea Party Victories

3) While it is indeed a surprise for Castle to have lost — given all the advantages he had in this race — it really shouldn’t have been. Delaware was supposed to be a “gimmie” for the GOP. For his part, Lamontagne ran as the “happy warrior” and stayed out of the fray. While in New Hampshire, Republican Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, who has the unique distinction of being supported by both Sarah Palin and national Republicans, successfully fought off a late-race challenge from Tea Party favorite Ovide Lamontagne.

Even so, Ayotte’s had a rough summer and may not be as well-positioned as she was in July. After all, Castle embodies all the things that a candidate doesn’t want to be in this environment: he’s been on the ballot in Delaware since 1980, he’s no spring chicken (he’s 70) and he’s a moderate running in a Republican primary.

Read ABC’s coverage of the New Hampshire race here.

Watch ABC’s interview with Paul Hodes here.

2) Attorney General Kelly Ayotte had long been considered the strongest candidate for Republicans in the New Hampshire Senate race and her victory over Lamontagne comes as a relief to party leaders seeking to hang on to Sen. “So if they were serious about winning we can repair the damage done and move forward and that is a challenge I put out to them. She’s had a spate of bad press and both Hodes and one of her primary opponents, Bill Binnie, launched negative attacks on her. Bush, Karl Rove questioned O’Donnell’s record, her “checkered” background, and predicted that she would cost the Republicans an important seat.

What does all of this mean for November?

1) In Delaware, while Tea Party activists are celebrating Christine O’Donnell’s victory, it’s Democrats who are the most thankful. And if not I truly believe that we can win.”

Republican leaders told ABC’s Jonathan Karl they will not spend a dime on the race because they do not believe she has a chance of winning.

Christine O’Donnell: Delaware Tea Party Candidate Discusses Her Primary Win on ‘Good Morning America’

A WMUR-TV Granite State Poll taken in July showed her beating Democratic Rep. Last night, political analyst Stu Rothenberg moved the race to lean Democrat, as did ABC News. executive Chris Coons, a Democrat.

Moreover, it makes the chances of a Republican takeover of the Senate a whole lot longer. Paul Hodes by 8 points, while Tea Party favorite Lamontagne trailed Hodes by 6 points.

Watch Jonathan Karl’s Delaware Campaign Notebook here and here.

On Fox News last night, former adviser to President George W

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