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Jose Mourinho: ‘He loves, he fights,’ says Diego Costa

“He is a person, who is excellent for us inside the locker room. Diego Costa, the English Premier League champion’s leading goalscorer last season, says the Chelsea manager has a softer side which few outside of the locker room ever get to see.

“He is a person that lives, loves, fights and works — he is always trying to improve,” Costa told CNN when asked about the 52-year-old.

“He is that person that you see with the ambition to be victorious, the ambition to win, the ambition to become better.

“That is a point that makes the difference — that ambition to be better than you were last year.”

His touchline spats and arguments with referees are well documented, notably an incident with the late Tito Vilanova — the former Barcelona manager — who Mourinho poked in the eye after an argument during his time at Real Madrid.

No stranger to controversy himself, Costa refrained from commenting on Mourinho’s past transgressions, instead preferring to praise his coach’s more personable nature.

“He is a very intelligent coach,” Costa said ahead of Chelsea’s exhibition match with Major League Soccer’s New York Red Bulls.

“He gives a lot to the players, he is a coach that the players are very close to, which is a thing that is also very interesting — his friendship.

“He is always in the locker room, he is always joking, he is not this serious person that everyone sees outside of the pitch.

“While he continues to be what he is with us, that wonderful person, and the excellent coach that he is, that is great.”

One of the accusations leveled at Mourinho and Chelsea last season was that its brand of football was boring.

While Barcelona thrilled in Spain and Bayern Munich did likewise in Germany, England’s champion was often accused of failing to entertain.

And Mourinho was frequently forced to defend his side’s style of play as Chelsea moved closer and closer to the league title.

“A season is very long and there will be periods where you’ll be very good and moments where you won’t be as good,” Costa said.

“I think that what’s important, and that’s why I say our coach is intelligent, in a moment when you’re not as good, he chooses the team in a way that minimizes our chances of losing any points.

“The season is long, players get tired, there are moments when players are in poorer form and it is in those moments that he acts.”

Chelsea will face a severe challenge to retain its crown in the coming year with Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal all expected to challenge the champions.

In particular United, which finished fourth last year, has recruited heavily in the offseason, buying Germany World Cup winner Bastian Schweinsteiger from Bayern, France international midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton, $34 million forward Memphis Depay from PSV Eindhoven and defender Matteo Darmian from Torino.

“I think the biggest opponent will be ourselves,” said Costa, who was born in Brazil but plays for Spain.

“If we make but a few mistakes and if we do what we have been doing and work how the coach wants us to work, I think we can win the title again.

“The biggest opponent will be ourselves, the players, individually, each of us wanting to be better than we were last season.”

. I think, like I said, that for us he is the best. For people outside its just his way, I don’t want to get into that

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In France, the every attacking player lives in Zidane’s shadow.

19 months ago

With the upcoming World Cup, the usual suspects are going to get all the attention, but there are a few players who will leave their mark on the game by the end of the summer.

2 years ago

Pablo Aimar is one of the best players to never gain the trust of the Argentina national team

19 months ago

Ten football players who failed to deliver this year.

2 years ago

The weight of expectation has doomed Real Madrid’s Decima dream

2 years ago

FC Bayern Munich destroyed Barcelona in one of the best Champions League games ever played.

2 years ago

Swansea and Cardiff are setting an example for small teams in Britain by being successful.

2 years ago

La Liga is a good league, but not the best league in Europe or the world.

. 4 months ago

Coffee is a great beverage, but much like anything, too much of it can lead to an addiction.

19 months ago

Young players are always compared to great players that came before them

How Many MLB Players Have Had Tommy John Surgery?

Reputedly upset at being snubbed, he blew out his elbow in a subsequent game. Athletes from various sports have undergone UCL reconstruction but most are pitchers in Major League Baseball. This certainly helped with Johns rehabilitation process.

Reacting to the recent rash of Tommy John surgeries in MLB, in May 2014 Tommy John said, “Throwing pitches in the big leagues will not hurt your arm,” John told the Daily Times, as reported by ESPN. In essence, the injury itself is a buildup of overuse. And not overuse as an adult, but overuse as a kid.

What about Jose Rijo?

Lets explore Tommy John surgery and see how many Major League Baseball players have had this now commonplace operation.

Moreover, the aforementioned website stated that at the time of Dr. But Kuos career went downhill from there as he continued to struggle with elbow problems and an anxiety disorder. However, the author knew the name of at least one active player whose name should have been on this list, so the accuracy of this compilation is questionable. Kuo last pitched in the majors in 2011.

Interestingly, many tendons in the human body, particularly the one attached to the palmaris longus muscle in the forearm, are not crucial for movement; therefore, many of them can be used as autografts in UCL reconstruction!

Thereafter, UCL reconstruction has been dubbed by baseball enthusiasts as Tommy John surgery.

Back in 1974, Los Angeles Dodger left-handed starting pitcher Tommy John had a stellar record of 13 and 3 at the All-Star break, yet for some reason he wasnt selected for the All-Star team. Minor League Baseball players and college players have also had the operation. (Players report hearing a pop when the elbow fails.) At this point John found himself with the classic dead arm. But some think he really needed Tommy John surgery.

Modern sports, particularly baseball, wouldnt be the same without the advent of Tommy John elbow reconstruction. “It’s what you did down the road when you were younger. And then in 2003 he had two more! Keep in mind, theres never a certainly that the operation will be successful. (A tendon from a cadaver can also be used for the procedure.) Holes are drilled into the humerus and ulna bones and then, using a figure-eight pattern, the autograft is attached to the bones, creating a new UCL that is just as strong as the original.

How many more years could Koufax have pitched if he had had the surgery? Another five to ten years? Whos to say? Too bad Koufax wasnt born about ten years later!. The ulnar collateral ligament (UCL), located inside the elbow, connects the humerus (the upper arm) to the ulna (the lower arm). … John spent all of 1975 recovering from the operation.

Now called the Bionic Man, John resumed his baseball career in 1976 and compiled a record of 10 and 10, considered a miraculous achievement by baseball experts. That year Kuo led all relief pitchers in the majors with an ERA of 1.20.

Then in September 1974, legendary surgeon Dr. Frank Jobes death in the spring of 2014, one third of all MLB pitchers have had Tommy John surgery. Moreover, Miami Marlins pitcher Nathan Eovaldi had Tommy John surgery while he was a junior in high school!

“What I would like to see these guys do, these surgeons and all, is ask all the guys who have had the surgery — ‘How much did you pitch as a kid and how often, and did you pitch year-round?’ And nowadays, probably 70 to 80 percent of the pitchers today have been pitching 12 months a year since they were seven, eight or nine years old. When, because of repeated stress, the UCL tears, the player can no longer throw the baseball effectively.

What Tommy John Thinks about Tommy John Surgery

Of course, whatever the total may be, it seems to change every week or two, especially during baseball season. And, in 2012, a record 36 pitchers had the surgery!

In reference to the aforementioned article on Beyondtheboxscore.com, 488 Tommy John surgeries have been performed on both major and minor league players since the surgery was first introduced in 1974.

According to the article Tommy John Surgeries: A More Complete List, on the website Beyondtheboxscore.com and last updated in November 2012, pitcher Jose Rijo may have had as many as five Tommy John surgeries, but the dates of these surgeries cannot be confirmed.

In order to restore stability to the UCL, a tendon is taken from another part of the body, usually the arm, leg, hip or foot, and this autograft is then used to create a new UCL. It also stated that during the 2000s an average of 16 pitchers had the surgery each year. John continued pitching until 1989, winning another 164 games, one less than Koufax did in his entire career!

So, per an estimate by the author, about 530 MLB players, active and otherwise, have had Tommy John surgery.

Per the MLB Network, 30 major league pitchers had Tommy John surgery in 2014.

Per another article on the website Baseball Reference.com, last updated in January 2015, the list provided shows the names of 296 MLB players, active and retired, who have had Tommy John surgery. In the old days, when a baseball player developed what was often called a dead arm nothing could be done except tell him it was time to retire.

How Many MLB Players Have Had Tommy John Surgery?

Exit Hong-Chih Kuo

What Is Tommy John Surgery?

Enter Tommy John

During Johns recovery, teammate Mike Marshall, a right-handed closer for the Dodgers, taught John how to pitch without putting unnecessary stress on his pitching arm and both knees. Time to retire!

Recovery time from this operation takes from nine to 18 months and the success rate is from 85 to 95 per cent. Ligaments hold these bones together and allow movement at the elbow and wrist. Kuo wasnt able to pitch effectively again until the 2005 season.

The human arm is comprised of three bones, the humerus, radius and ulna. Just hope your favorite player doesnt need Tommy John surgery any time soon, if ever.

Nicknamed Status Kuo Kuo (pronounced quo as in quote) had an excellent year in 2010, making the All-Star team, while becoming the closer for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Frank Jobe proposed trying a new surgical procedure on John. And your arm is not made for that.”

Please leave a comment.

Major League relief pitcher Hong-Chih Kuo has the dubious distinction of being the MLB player with the most Tommy John surgeries four! Kuo first blew out his left elbow in 2002, when he had two UCL reconstructions. John agreed to give it a try and underwent UCL reconstruction. (By the way, this list showed that Jose Rijo had five TJ surgeries.)

Hall of Fame left-handed pitcher Sandy Koufax retired at the age of 30, because he reportedly had an arthritic left elbow that hurt almost constantly when he pitched

Bayern-Dortmund Champions League final spells trouble for Bundesliga?

We don’t have ‘ultras’ and we don’t need them.

Arguably Dortmund were unable to mount an effective challenge this season as they saved their best performances for the Champions League.

But the brilliance of both Bayern and Dortmund in their respective semifinal wins against Real Madrid and Barcelona suggests the Bundesliga needs to be wary of an emerging duopoly. If Manchester United’s path to the English Premier League title looked like a cakewalk, the German champions could have taken the entire dessert trolley along with them.

Read: Bayern give Heynckes winning Bundesliga farewell

It’s not hard to see why Bayern and Dortmund have become so omnipotent both at home and abroad.

“Two great managers, two teams that almost mirror each other in the way they play, the way they attack, the way they defend without the ball,” former Bayern midfielder Owen Hargreaves told CNN. It’s also about education, good background work.”

Nevertheless, as Bayern and Dortmund take the field at Wembley, some may be wondering if, as well as a moment of national pride, this game might also mark a less welcome watershed in German football.


The biggest obstacle to change in Germany may come from those very supporters, many of whom view the English Premier League with disdain, given that they see themselves at the center of a club’s structure.

The Bundesliga boasts some of the world’s finest stadia, and its commitment to safe standing areas has helped enable clubs to keep prices low, as well as creating the boisterously vibrant atmosphere that characterizes top-flight games.

But it has been the club’s willingness to part with its top players at the height of their value that has restored Dortmund’s financial health.

“Why is our way the wrong way? What is the difference between our approach and a club with 50 different sponsors delivering the same thing?”

Even so RB Leipzig’s new investors have encountered resistance.

The pitch at its former stadium was attacked with weed killer not long after the takeover, and fans of other clubs can be less than welcoming. “But it’s not all about money. The new television contract has also given clubs more money …

This means a club cannot be taken over by private investors.

“People look at that possibility and of course it could be bad, but why would it happen? Bayern have always spent big; Dortmund is an exceptional team, but where will they be in three years?

“Players lose form, get injured, things can change quite quickly.

But the model in Germany is very different.

Under the league’s “50+1″ rule, Bundesliga clubs must be controlled by their members — with at least 50% of shares, plus one, in their hands.

But these days soccer is also about big business, million-dollar deals and billionaire benefactors lining up to plow money into the game.

“Obviously (Dortmund and Bayern) have the power and the money to buy the best players as Bayern has done again; they’ve signed Gtze for 37 million, and you know, the rich get richer, and that’s just the way that football works,” said Hargreaves.

“People can argue that’s not fair, but they paid a lot of money to Dortmund — and they can invest that money in younger players.”

Read: Bayern complete rout of Barcelona

In England, the Premier League has taken a laissez-faire approach to regulating clubs’ finances. It’s a friendly family atmosphere here, with men, women, children, pensioners, it’s a different way.”

Germany’s often raucous fans are, however, part of the fabric of the Bundesliga experience.

Shinji Kagawa, signed for just $300,000 from the Japanese second division, was sold to Manchester United for $17 million, while Sahin joined Real Madrid for $12.8 million. With two clubs in Saturday’s Champions League final at London’s Wembley Stadium, high attendances, keenly-priced season tickets, equitable club ownership and the national team on an upward trajectory, German football appears to be in rude health.

Writing in the German tabloid Bild last month, Bayern’s former goalkeeper Oliver Kahn expressed fears that the domination of the Munich club and Dortmund — Bundesliga champions in 2011 and 2012 — is here to stay, and that the gulf at the top could widen even further in the future.

Formerly known as SSV Markranstdt, league regulations prevent the club using the Red Bull brand in its name, so it settled on RB Leipzig instead; but there is no ambiguity over the power driving it forward, with a reported planned $128 million investment to take the club to the Bundesliga by 2017.

“Of course standing tickets are cheap, as you would expect; but once these go, and they’re usually in demand, the ticket prices at the top end are broadly comparable to those in England.”

In fact, at $88 the most expensive match-day ticket for Bayern is the same as that at Manchester City, for example — and $9 more expensive than at Manchester United. “The rules have had exceptions to allow for the different ownership structures of teams like Bayer Leverkusen and Vfl Wolfsburg, but Hannover has argued that this leaves them at a disadvantage, and you can see why.”

Read: Football enters space age with ‘Footbonaut’

But how is a booming Bundesliga affecting German football further down the feeding chain?

In the former East Germany, far from the country’s football powerbase, one lowly team’s fortunes are being transformed by Austrian soft drink company Red Bull’s takeover. and these academies are profit centers,” he says.

Even Dortmund’s manager Jrgen Klopp has remarked that the league is in danger of becoming boring. “We’re proud of our family and spectators. At the last vote on changing this rule, back in 2009, only Hannover 96 voted to scrap it.

The German system is geared towards preventing the influence of a rich benefactor from skewing the competition, but some argue that it will only serve to perpetuate the status quo.

Hannover has now won concessions in its attempt to change the “50+1″ rule, and these will allow sponsors with a long-term relationship with a club — more than 20 years — to take a stake in it.

However club fans are already protesting about these changes, perhaps anxious at the advantage such a move might give their rivals.

“The next five years will be interesting,” said Dykes.

“At Dortmund, the average age is 23, and I think Jrgen Klopp has done such a remarkable job to take that group of players and virtually dominate some terrific European teams.”

Yet among German fans there are concerns.

“Of course the current situation could become unhealthy,” said Stuart Dykes, a Schalke season ticket-holder since 1988, and the supporter liaison officer project consultant at fan ownership campaigning body, Supporters Direct.

“Even Bayern, while obviously delighted to have won the title so comfortably, have talked about it not being in their interests to do it every year.

Those seeking a balance between these sometimes awkward bedfellows will often point to Germany and the Bundesliga.

Extraordinarily, a loan from Bayern played a part in Dortmund’s survival — with $2.5 million handed over to help stave off bankruptcy.

Dortmund’s path back to solvency and success has been paved by Klopp’s highly astute signings, such as Poland striker Lewandowski, as well as his trust in talented graduates from the club’s youth academy, like midfielder Nuri Sahin. “We’ve shown elsewhere that we’re about a strong, sustainable investment and commitment.

In 2009, Rasen Ballsport Leipzig (better known as RB Leipzig) became the fourth club in Red Bull’s football portfolio, alongside Red Bull Salzburg of Austria, Red Bull Brasil, and the New York Red Bulls of the American MLS. “People are always talking about cheap tickets, but it can be misleading,” says Dykes. Ultimately the overall product of German football would suffer.”

Dortmund revival

Not content with running away with the Bundesliga this season, Bayern are already laying plans to dominate next season, notably with the appointment of former Barca coach Pep Guardiola — who guided the Catalonia club to 14 trophies in four years — to take over from Jupp Heynckes. It would be difficult under German federal law to ‘ban’ them anyway, so I just can’t see it happening.”

The worry for other Bundesliga clubs must be that the success of Dortmund and Bayern could put them out of sight in the financial and playing stakes; last year Chelsea received an estimated $77 million from winning the Champions League, while beaten finalist Bayern pocketed $53.65 million.

Youth and prudence

However, the notion that a couple of teams might dominate their league is not confined to Germany.

“Spain’s that way, the last three or four years the third or fourth place team, they still play Champions League and they’re 30 points behind,” said Hargreaves. “Success comes and goes.

“A lot of people in Germany love Bayern and love Dortmund, in the same way as people (in England) love Manchester United or Chelsea,” he added, “but there are a lot of people who root for the underdog as well.

Dortmund’s hopes of catching Bayern next season have been further jeopardized by the loss of playmaker Mario Gotze, who recently agreed to join the Munich club at the end of this season in a $56 million deal.

Rumors of a Bayern bid for the Bundesliga’s second-highest scorer Robert Lewandowski, whose four goals against Real Madrid in the semis propelled Dortmund to Wembley, suggest a strategy centered on dismantling their only rivals’ chances before next season has even begun.

Read: English Premier League should follow Bundesliga example

The consolation for Dortmund fans is that at least the club has some money to spend to try to keep pace.

Arguably the competition is beginning to resemble anything but.

“The intention of the rule is to secure the league’s integrity against short-term investment, I think everyone understands that.”

However, Wolter is frustrated at the resistance to RB Leipzig’s owners.

“Red Bull is not a Russian oligarch, or an Arabian sheikh,” he said. So I think, in a way, it’s a fair balance.”

Read: Why Guardiola will make Bayern better

And Dykes remains unconvinced that a tipping point has been reached.

“It’s too early to be talking about a duopoly,” he said.

“Bayern have only conceded something like 15 goals, which is ridiculous in a full season,” he added. Story highlightsBayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund to contest Champions League finalGerman football’s Bundesliga is often held up as ideal league modelIts “50+1″ ownership rule viewed as key to stability for its clubsBut have Bayern and Dortmund created “duopoly” endangering that stability?Most fans would agree that a great football league needs some key ingredients: skilful players, excitement and drama on the pitch; and off the field, passionate supporters and owners who love and understand the game. But is it?

In the domestic Bundesliga, Bayern finished 25 points clear of Dortmund and 36 points ahead of fourth-placed Schalke 04.

“It’s getting better,” says Wolter. If we’re still talking about those two in a few years’ time, or Bayern are still miles ahead, then it would be a worry.

The club’s stadium, the impressive 45,000 capacity Red Bull Arena, is certainly ready.

“We accept this rule,” said RB Liepzig’s managing director Ulrich Wolter, referring to the “50+1″ rule. I’m not worried.”

For Wolter, the key to success lies in a combination of youth and prudence.

“You look at a team like Freiburg, they have a good academy, a good coach; it’s still possible (to be successful).

Read: Bayern coach celebrates 1,000 games

This year, partly in response to incidents of crowd trouble at games, there have even been whispers that the prized standing areas could be abolished.

“Standing is vital to low ticket prices, but also the atmosphere and the overall product of German football,” said a skeptical Dykes.

“The league realizes that and I can’t see the standing areas being given up.

After promotion in its first season, followed by two years in German football’s fourth tier, its plans look to be on track as the club prepares to contest the playoffs for another promotion in June.

Alongside huge television deals — the latest of which could see a record 5.5 billion ($8.3 billion) windfall in broadcasting income — extraordinarily wealthy owners such as Chelsea’s Roman Abramovich and Sheikh Mansour at Manchester City have been allowed to spend big for success.

But while the cheapest season tickets represent superb value, if fans turn up on match day looking for tickets then the story is rather different.

Eight years ago it was on the brink of financial ruin, missing rent payments on its stadium and facing crippling losses

Chelsea Fixtures Football Club News

These are worn during practic … The club is more than a century old and has belonged to the top division of the league for most of the time since its creation. There are some specific materials that are used for soccer kits. You dont have to break your account trying to find that perfect shirt for you. Their average attendance was 41,673 for the 2007-08 seasons, which is quite high for a stadium that has a capacity of 41,841. There are so many cases of people buying fake products that are just a waste of money. This is especially true after the 2014 World Cup. With online retailers, one can find whatever they are looking for. Most of their fans belong to West London in areas such as Battersea and Hammersmith. The spree lasted for 86 matches and for nearly four and a half years!

To keep yourself updated with latest football news please visit: http://www.apnafootball.com

About the Author:

Apnafootball – dedicated to global football website, football news, football stories, premier league stats and football clubs updates includingChelsea Football Club NewsLiverpool news Manchester United Newslive football and Latest Football News

Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – Football

By: apnafootball

Chelsea F.C. There are very many shops online that carry different types of football jerseys. However, they seemed to disappear of the front page for quite a while until they made their return in 1997. So, even though you did not have a television in … The fan base of Chelsea is said to be the fifth largest when compared to any team in English football. Tags: watch soccer live online, watch live football onlineWatch Live Football On Your Pc: It’s Worth By: vikram kumar – Great good news to all football lovers all around the world! Thanks to technology, it’s easy to watch soccer live coverage on your own pc. Rumor has it that Chelsea has plans to move out of Stamford Bridge to other options like Earls Court Exhibition Center or Battersea Power Station. The clubs plan to expand to a capacity of over 50,000 is faced with several difficulties relating to health and safety. Sports make the fan unwind and determines how wellness of teams in terms of play. No matter if you are a newcomer to the sport or an expert, this piece can provide … … Frank Lampard is the closest current player in terms of appearances standing at 448 appearances. You can still enjoy your fan moments w … They also hold the record for the longest spree for unbeaten matches at home. Shirts are usually a mad … There are millions of people who can easily say a sport is the … Tags: watch soccer live coverage, watch live football online

Chelsea has broken several records in football history that have created news in several parts of the world. Ron Harris, ex-captain of Chelsea, has made a recording 795 appearances for the club alone between the years 1969 and 1980. Tags: Buy Football Jersey, Soccer ShirtsExcellent Article With Many Great Tips About Football By: Peggy Hutchison –

The Superbowl is truly the most viewed sporting event world-wide! Football is beloved by millions. An important part of the game is the soccer jersey. There are so many clubs in th … Tags: soccer shirts, soccer shirtWhat You Need To Know About Football Jerseys And Online Purchase By: vikram kumar – Every sports lover wants to wear a jersey. This is an unbroken record for any European competition. Since then they continued their spree by winning a few titles till the 1970s. The clubs home ground, Stamford Bridge, hasnt changed as their official ground since the day the club was founded.

Tips On Getting The Replica Soccer Shirt You Want By: vikram kumar – Buying a good quality football jersey can be quite tricky especially online. Tags: football shirt, Soccer JerseysKnow How To Buy Good Quality Football Shirts By: vikram kumar – The football sensation can be felt all over the world. Tags: football shirt, Buy Football JerseyFootball Shirts For Soccer Players And Soccer Fans By: vikram kumar – One of the most popular sporting events is soccer. It is so easy though to … They created history for themselves by winning the league title twice in two consecutive years 2005 and 2006. Tags: football jersey, soccer shirtBuying Football Jerseys Online On A Budget By: vikram kumar – There are a lot of ways to save money when buying football shirts. The club created history in 1971 at the UEFA Cup Winners Cup by winning against Jeunesse Hautcharage with a whooping 21-0 aggregate. Chelsea also reached the UEFA Champions League Finals in 2008, which definitely was great Chelsea Football Club news for fans.

Football RSS Feed | RSS feed for this author. is one of the top four football clubs belonging to the English Premier League, which is a good enough reason for people to take immense interest in looking up Chelsea Football Club News. Three league titles, five FA Cups, four League Cups and two UEFA Cup Winners Cup are some of the key achievements of Chelsea over the years.

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UEFA Champions League 2010, The Group Stage

The German champions are this year competing in group E, while Internazionale has to play Werder Bremen, Tottenham Hotspur and FC Twente in group A.

The games in this in this group stage will be played on 14/15 September, 28/29 September, 19/20 October, 2/3 November, 23/24 November and the last round takes place on 7 and 8 December 2010.

Thirty-two clubs from eighteen different soccer associations across Europe have been drawn into eight groups of four team. European soccer ends after the group stage for every team that finishes on the last position in their group. After the group stage, th Champions League continues with knock out rounds until the final. England are the best represented with four teams: Manchester United, Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC and Tottenham Hotspur.

The draw for the group stage of the 2010 UEFA Champions League took place on Thursday 26 2010 in Monaco.

The group stage of the 2010 edition of the UEFA Champions League has 20 teams who were not involved at the same stage last year. The teams who rank third in their group will move into the second round of the UEFA Europa League. The Groups of the 2010 UEFA Champions League are:

Group A Group B Internazionale (Italy) Werder Bremen (Germany) Tottenham Hotspur (England) FC Twente (Netherlands) Olympique Lyonnais (France) SL Benfica (Portugal) FC Schalke 04 (Germany) Hapoel Tel Aviv FC (Israel) Group C Group D Manchester United FC (England) Valencia CF (Spain) Glasgow Rangers FC (Scotland) Bursaspor (Turkey) FC Barcelona (Spain) Panathinaikos FC (Greece) FC Kobenhavn (Denmark) FC Rubin Kazan (Russia) Group E Group F FC Bayern Munchen (Germany) AS Roma (Italy) FC Basel 1893 (Switzerland) CFR 1907 Cluj (Romania) Chelsea FC (England) Olympique de Marseille (France) FC Spartak Moskva (Russia) MSK Zilina (Slovakia) Group G Group H AC Milan (Italy) Real Madrid CF (Spain) AFC Ajax (Netherlands) AJ Auxerre (France) Arsenal FC (England) FC Shaktar Donetsk (Ukraine) SC Braga (Portugal) FK Partizan (Serbia)

The UEFA Champions League 2009/2010 champions are Internazionale from Italy, who beat German Bayern Munchen in the final. The UEFA Europa League 2010 final is being played in the Wembley Stadium in London, England on 28 May 2011.. Furthermore, there are six teams competing in the group stage who didn’t compete in the Champions League before, giving the competition a fresher look.

Sixteen teams, the two best teams in each group, will advance to the knockout stage of UEFA Champions League

Fellaini and Preud’homme, the best of friends – UEFA Champions League – News

It is no coincidence that he always pops up at the right moment in the penalty area.”

While Fellaini struggled to nail down a starting place in his first year at Old Trafford, a more advanced position in his second season led to him scoring some vital goals as United finished fourth, booking an immediate return to the UEFA Champions League.

©Getty Images Marouane Fellaini in his Standard days

However, Fellaini took a significant share of the blame during United’s difficult 2013/14 campaign - one which resulted in the dismissal of Moyes less than ten months after succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson - for his perceived failure to adapt to what supporters regarded as United’s traditional style of play. “Meeting Fellaini again will be special,” said Preud’homme. He had a huge will to become a professional.

“He is proof that you should not make snap judgements about footballers,” added Mario Notaro, Fellaini’s coach during his time in Charleroi’s youth section. When I returned to my office from the training pitch after the draw I received a text message from Marouane which said: ‘Good luck.’ I immediately replied with: ‘You too, haha.’ I always had a good bond with him. “He scores goals, he applies pressure when we need it and he always plays the ball to the same colour [shirt]. Such a response from Fellaini is no surprise to Club Brugge boss Michel Preud’homme, who coached him at Standard from 2006 to 2008 and takes his side to Old Trafford for the first leg of the teams’ play-off tie on Tuesday. After all, he is one of my lads. That’s very important and I’m very happy for him.” It will take all of Preud’homme’s insider knowledge to stop him.

It has been a rollercoaster seven years for Marouane Fellaini since leaving Standard Liège for the Premier League, and as the Belgian international prepares to face his former coach on Tuesday, he has finally gained acceptance in Manchester.

Eyebrows were raised when Everton paid a club-record fee in September 2008 for a player many in England had never heard of, but in his five seasons at Goodison Park the tall midfielder excelled, prompting a big-money move to Manchester United to team up once again with his erstwhile manager on Merseyside, David Moyes.

A key member of the Belgium squad that reached the 2014 FIFA World Cup quarter-finals and is going well in European Qualifying, Fellaini was sent off on the final day of last season, meaning Tuesday could be his first outing this term.. Indeed, he did not score his first goal for the three-time European champions until 20 October 2014.

©AFP/Getty Images Club Brugge coach Michel Preud’homme

“The fans see he is very important for the team,” said Van Gaal. He certainly has not forgotten that I launched his career at Standard.”

Louis van Gaal’s arrival last summer has helped turn things around for the Brussels-born player, who has achieved something of a cult status among the Red Devils’ fans. The mutual respect is huge between us. “He did not have exceptional qualities at first glance, but it proves that his determination and ability to progress are huge. “He is looking forward to it. And he kept on improving. When you corrected him, he thought about it and tried to put it into practice

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The traditional May Day is said to have started 2,000 years ago in Roman Britain, when Roman soldiers celebrated the arrival of spring by dancing around decorated trees thanking their goddess Flora. Kipchoge won the race.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

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Children dance around the maypole at the May Day village celebrations in Priston, May 7, 2012 in Somerset, England. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, left, talks to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee before a meeting in Kolkata, India, May 7, 2012.

Shizuo Kambayashi/AP Photo

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An Indian woman plays with her child outside her house ahead of Mother’s Day, in Allahabad, India, May 6, 2012.

Bikas Das/AP Photo

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A baby monkey clings to the leg of her mother in a park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 7, 2012. Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP Photo

Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Images

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U.S. The parade was held to celebrate the first day of a “nuclear free Japan”, after the Tomari nuclear plant on Japan’s Hokkaido Island was taken offline late on the previous evening.

Mark Baker/AP Photo

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Starlin Castro (13) of the Chicago Cubs leaps over Tony Gwynn (10) of the Los Angeles Dodgers to try and turn a double play at Wrigley Field on May 6, 2012 in Chicago.

Sergey Ponomarev/AP Photo

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Emilie Heymans, left, and Jennifer Abel, of Canada, perform during the 3-meter synchro final at the Canada Cup diving competition in Montreal, May 6, 2012.

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Women dance, in the style of Japanese butoh, as the Zero Nuclear Power Celebration Parade makes its way through the streets of Suginami district, May 6, 2012 in Tokyo. Clinton met with Banerjee, a key partner of India’s ruling coalition who has stymied government efforts to lift restrictions on foreign-owned investments in the country.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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Spanish bullfighter Salvador Vega performs at the Las Ventas bullring on May 6, 2012 in Madrid. The tornado tore through the area, injuring at least 30 people, destroying dozens of homes and leaving thousands more without electricity.

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert/Getty Images

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Dortmund’s Robert Lewandowski, center, raises the trophy to celebrate with teammates following winning of the German Bundesliga Championship after the German first division Bundesliga soccer match between Borussia Dortmund and SC Freiburg, May 5, 2012, in Dortmund, Germany.

Michel Euler/AP Photo

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Russian riot police disperse opposition protesters in downtown Moscow, May 6, 2012.

Kyodo News/AP Photo

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Jairus Kipchoge (21), Jonathan Ndiku (18), Gilbert Kirui (22) of Kenia, and Roba Gari of Ethiopia compete during the men’s 3,000 meter steeplechase heats at the Golden Grand Prix in Kawasaki, near Tokyo, May 6,2012. The first results showed a 52 percent lead for Socialist Party candidate Francois Hollande ultimately defeating Sarkozy.

Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press/AP Photo

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This photo taken by an anonymous Tsukuba resident shows a tornado in Tsukuba city, northeast of Tokyo, May 6, 2012. The maypole remains a focus for dancing and festivities across England. Riot police in Moscow have begun arresting protesters who were trying to reach the Kremlin in a demonstration on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s inauguration as president. Mother’s Day will be celebrated on May 13, 2012. .

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

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Outgoing French President Nicolas Sarkozy addresses supporters at his Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) party headquarters after the preliminary results of the second round of the presidential elections were announced in Paris, May 6, 2012

Gary Speed dead: Tributes flood in for football legend

A son, a father and a husband. I can’t believe what’s happened – DEAN SAUNDERS

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He is a legend in football and what he achieved with Bolton Wanderers was fantastic – KEVIN DAVIES

My first PL game was against him, he showed me in that game what British football is about – XABI ALONSO

Gary was a great friend, the ultimate professional and will be sorely missed by everyone – STEVE HARPER

He had that aura about him. I saw John Hartson earlier and I said “have you

heard about Gary?” The big man just cried and cried. Rest in Peace mate – TIM CAHILL

Sadly missed: Speed’s playing days ended at Sheffield United before taking up the managerial role with Wales

My first day at Leeds he went out of his way to look after me and help me settle in. I spoke to him on Saturday morning. He always had time for the young lads and helped them feel good about themselves – STEVEN TAYLOR

I am totally devastated. People are just stunned. Why! Why! Why! I’ll miss him so much – ROBBIE SAVAGE

Champion: Speed (front of bus, second right) won the First Division title in 1992Champion: Speed (front of bus, second right) won the First Division title in 1992

Top player whose seamless move into management tells us everything you need to know about him – ALAN PARDEW

The reaction from all football fans has been the same – shock and sadness – SHEFF UTD FANS ALLIANCE

Overwhelmed: Former Newcaslte team-mate Shay Given was in tears ahead of kick-off in the game between Swansea and Aston Villa (below)Overwhelmed: Former Newcaslte team-mate Shay Given was in tears ahead of kick-off in the game between Swansea and Aston Villa (below)

He was so fit – he was one of those players who would stay behind all day in training. We cuddled each


Pride of Wales: Chris Coleman, Gary Speed and Dean Saunders watch Ryan Giggs train in 1995Pride of Wales: Chris Coleman, Gary Speed and Dean Saunders watch Ryan Giggs train in 1995

So sad to lose someone so special to football, friends, fans, family. It goes without saying my thoughts are with his family at this tremendously sad time – RYAN GIGGS

Tragic. A good friend. Gary Speed was one of the nicest men in football and someone I am honoured to call a team-mate and friend. A hero – DAVID O’LEARY

One of the best: Speed made friends wherever he played during his long careerOne of the best: Speed made friends wherever he played during his long career

The world has lost a great man. Words cannot begin to describe how sad I feel at hearing this awful news. We waved at each other a couple of days ago dropping our kids off at school. A sad day – SIMON GRAYSON

We have lost our manager, leader and an extremely great person who’s inspired us all in the last year – ROBERT EARNSHAW


19:03 EST, 27 November 2011

I am totally devastated. I’ll miss you Speedo. Today the world has lost a great football manager but even more sadly a great man – AARON RAMSEY

Tribute: Manchester United veteran Ryan Giggs played with Speed for Wales and against him in the Premier LeagueTribute: Manchester United veteran Ryan Giggs played with Speed for Wales and against him in the Premier League


Sportsmail Reporter

Great footballer, my condolences and sympathies to his family – ROBIN van PERSIE

Stunned: Tributes have flooded in from former team-mates for SpeedStunned: Tributes have flooded in from former team-mates for Speed

Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs led the tributes to his former Wales team-mate Gary Speed, who has died at the age of 42.

United front: Speed made his name in football at Leeds in the 1990sUnited front: Speed made his name in football at Leeds in the 1990s

We signed on the same day and played in the same youth team. I am numb – MICHAEL OWEN

Bright future: Wales had jumped up the world rankings under SpeedBright future: Wales had jumped up the world rankings under Speed

I am devastated. Heartbroken – JOHN HARTSON